Early Season Whitetail Hunts in Illinois

September 1st, 2020 – Early Season Deer Hunting Report –Opening week of the 2019 archery season started off very hot with temperatures into the 90’s!  A cold front moved through mid-week and deer activity increased dramatically. We ended up harvesting a couple great bucks at the end of opening week. Bob Parrott’s buck (pictured below) scored 176 4/8 and weighed in at 278 pounds! As the 2020 early season archery hunt approaches we are keeping close tabs on our hit list bucks as they begin to shed there velvet over the coming week. With several nice bucks on camera this summer, we’re expecting another great early season archery hunt!” early season bowhunting whitetail hunting in illinois

The Illinois whitetail archery season begins on October 1st. Most of the month of October is considered early season whitetail hunting in Illinois and across the entire Midwest. At Heartland Lodge, we specialize in offering quality early season whitetail hunts. With over 25 years of experience, we are passionate about putting our hunters on mature whitetails during the early part of the whitetail hunting season here in Illinois. October deer hunting can be divided up into three different phases: Opening Week, Mid-October, and Late October (considered pre-rut).