Snow Goose Hunting Illinois

November 25, 2018- Illinois Snow Goose Hunting Report- Snow goose numbers continue to increase across North America and the upcoming snow goose season here in Illinois should be filled with lots of action and great bird numbers. The agriculture fields around our snow goose pits are looking great and should have ample amounts of food left over for migrating snow geese come next spring. We expect to have another action packed season at our snow goose pits this spring!Snow Goose Hunting

Snow Goose Hunting

Snow goose hunting along the Mississippi and Illinois river flyways can be some of the most exciting and action packed snow goose hunts available! We offers 5 star snow goose hunting and outfitting opportunities along these historic migratory flyways. There are no limits and no plugs! On our best day we harvested 250 snow geese!

Snow Goose Outfitter

You will hunt out of very comfortable heated, pit blinds. Our spread consist of over 4,000 decoys along with several electronic callers to bring in the snow geese. A hot breakfast will be served in the morning inside our blind.

Snow Geese MigrationA banded snow goose harvested in illinois

Every fall, snow geese fly south to winter. In the spring they return to the artic tundra to nest. On their way back to the nesting grounds, snow geese will feed on leftover grain in agriculture fields. Some of the richest farm ground in the world lays in the Mississippi and Illinois river bottom grounds where our pit blinds are located. For our region, usually the best spring snow goose hunting occurs from Mid-February through Mid-March. Heartland Lodge is one of the best snow goose outfitters in Illinois, Missouri and the entire Midwest!