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Treestand Picture

Ask any hunter about their favorite treestand location, whether they refer to it as their “A” stand, honey hole, assassin, slaughter knob, ect, there’s a special place in every whitetail hunters head that they daydream about year around. Waiting for that special week or even day they can slip into their “A” stand knowing that


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Glassing Summer Bucks

If you enjoy watching monster velvet toting bucks in the summertime, Pike County, Illinois might just be the top destination throughout the Midwest! We have had a good growing season here in Pike County, the bucks are off to a good start! The pictures below were taken in June & July of this year, things are

Pike County, Il Shed Hunting

The 2016 shed season simply put was awesome! Together the Heartland team found well over 100 antlers on our farms. This upcoming season is looking to be one of the best we’ve had in years. Many good bucks made it through the mild winter we experienced here in West central Illinois. Here are a few

Trail Camera Tips

Trail Camera Review

June 6th, 2016

Today if you’re a deer hunter, you probably own a trail camera of some sorts. Whether it be infrared, flash, or wireless they all have their pros and cons. With all the different brands of trail cameras it’s hard to narrow down the search for a quality/economical trail camera. The more property that you hunt

Pike County, Il Outfitters

Access to new hunting property is always an exciting experience. Whether its 20 acres or 500 acres there’s always an anxious feeling when there’s new deer to scout and pattern. Now is the best time of year to be scouting for the upcoming season. I’ve compiled a short list of tips you can utilize to

Hunting Thickets Effectively

Thickets provide quality food and security for mature bucks. Especially in the Midwest, thickets consist of quality browse food sources such as dogwood, honeysuckle, and green briar. Hunting a thicket, commonly used as a bedding area can be extremely tough mainly due to location of the thicket, wind thermals, access route to stand, and finding


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Great memories with father and daughter during Illinois Youth Turkey Season.

Any turkey hunter’s first turkey holds a special place in their heart. The anticipation and excitement that goes along with the adrenaline rush of having a big tom at close range kicks off an addiction that will last a lifetime. Few things can be compared to the awakening of the spring woods on a calm

Shed Hunting Match Set

Late Season Shed Hunting

April 5th, 2016

Shed season to the most avid shed hunters has an early, middle, and late season. And each has its own unique strategy. Unfortunately, we are entering the latter end of the season. We’re at our peak hiking levels; most of us are probably in the best shape we will be in all year after looking