ATV Riding

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ATV trail riding has become one of the most popular activities at Heartland Lodge & Resort. This part of Illinois is unique in the scenery and rolling hills it offers. Nestled between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, the terrain surrounding Heartland Lodge provides some of the best ATV riding trails in Illinois and Missouri.

ATV Riding with Your Own Four Wheeler, UTV or Dirt Bike

fathers-day-at-the-lodge.jpegIf you have your own ATV, UTV, or dirt bike, you are welcome to bring it. When staying overnight, your day pass to the ATV trails and park is included from your arrival day to your departure day for the original ATV park when purchasing the meal package ($10 per day if not purchasing the meal package and you can ride both parks.) This is a $60 value per ATV for each night stayed! The new ATV park will be $10 per day for lodge guests who purchase the meal package (the original ATV park is included.) You will also need an Illinois OHV sticker for the new ATV park (sold at the lodge.) What is truly unique about staying and riding your four wheeler at Heartland is that the comfort of your room is right on the resort where you will be riding! The ATV parks join the lodges where you will stay.

Our ATV park and lodges are quickly becoming a “vacation hot spot” for individuals, families and groups that are looking for a nice place to get away and have miles of trails to ride their four wheelers, UTVs and dirt bikes.

There is a special parking area for you to load and unload your four wheeler during your staying with us.

Save time checking-in and download our ATV Rules & Waiver Form.

You can also view & download our ATV Trail Map.

ATV Rentals

If you don’t have an ATV, Heartland has one that you can rent. There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful countryside than an equally relaxing and exciting ride on an ATV. There are plenty of riding trails for the beginner. You can spend hours riding the main trail that goes through-out the riding park.

To rent an ATV, you must be 16 yrs. of age or older. (Proof of age is required) Only one person per ATV is allowed. A Rental Agreement must also be signed by a guardian 18 yrs. of age or older. A $1,000 deposit is required by cash or credit card. The deposit is refunded if the ATV is returned in the same condition as it was before it went out. ATV rentals will be available for riding in the original ATV park only.


Please make sure to reserve an ATV in advance when making your reservations. Many times our rentals are sold out.

Want To Take a Ride Right Now?

Video shows a timber trail. (Click on YouTube, then full screen to get the full affect.)

Video shows the main road & a timber trail. (Click on YouTube, then full screen to get the full affect.)

ATV Riding Trails

ATV-GROUPOn your ride, you will enjoy seeing an abundance of wildlife, including Whitetail deer, turkey, quail, pheasants, and much more. The new OHV park has some of the most incredible views you will find in the Midwest. Heartland has miles of ATV riding trails on 1,200 rolling acres. You will ride through forest, creeks, prairies, and be in awe of the incredible outdoors that surrounds you.

There are trails in the timber for those advanced riders that enjoy a challenge. We have special “Mud Holes” for those that like it a little dirty. We have plenty of trails that are for beginners and those who just want to take it easy. Almost all of our trails are wide enough for UTVs (Side by Sides).

ATV trail riding with friends and family has become a tradition at Heartland. You can even have one of our lodges or cabins exclusively for your group. Lodge buy-outs have become very popular over the years with ATV riding groups. Friends and family can ride the ATV trails together and share good times that will last a lifetime.

Book a Lodge or Cabin Private for Your Group

Having an entire lodge or cabin just for your group of friends or family is a great way to enjoy the entire experience at the resort. Heartland is a very unique ATV riding park where you can stay in very nice accommodations right on the park! If you don’t want an entire lodge or cabin, individual rooms can be reserved. You also receive a $20 discount per day on the ATV riding day pass when staying overnight.

Day Passes for ATV Trails

Day passes to the ATV park are available for those who just want to ride for the day. Unique Illinois ATV trails and parks are hard to find. You will want to return after experiencing our trails and beautiful resort. A day pass is $30 per vehicle, per day and allows you to ride both the original and new ATV park. To ride the new park, you will need an Illinois OHV sticker (sold at the lodge.) The real value is spending the night in one of our lodges or cabins. A day pass is included in your overnight stay for the original ATV park (new ATV park is $10 per day) when purchasing the meal package and only $10 per day (total for both ATV parks) when not purchasing the meal package (a $60 value per ATV each night.)

Other Information

  • New ATV Park is open all year besides these dates: week before November firearm season & during all three firearm seasons.
  • Original ATV Park is open all year besides these dates: Monday after third weekend in October through Christmas day.
  • All riders must check in at our Prairie Ridge Lodge before riding.
  • Save time checking-in and download our ATV Rules & Waiver Form.
  • Maps are provided of the ATV trails when checking in.
  • Bring extra gas and supplies.
  • There is a local car wash in Nebo and Pleasant Hill to wash off your bikes.
  • Other types of off road vehicles and bikes are welcome. (Please double check when making reservations.)
  • Ice is available at the resort.
  • Soda machine is available to all riders.
  • Food vending machine is available to all riders.
  • All users of facilities and properties do so at their own risk.
  • All riders must sign a waiver and rules form.
  • All ATVs must be equipped with functioning brakes and muffler, with noise level not to exceed eight-six (86) dba. ATVs must be equipped with spark arrestor.

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