Canada Goose Hunting Outfitters

Canada Goose Hunting Outfitters

September 10th, 2021- Canada  Goose Hunting Report- “Experience a 5-Star Canadian Goose hunt this season with professional guides, great dogs, gourmet home-cooked meals and 5-star lodging. Call today to reserve your hunt 217-734-2526!”

canada goose hunting along the illinois and mississippi river bottoms

Canada goose hunting along the Mississippi and Illinois river flyways can be some of the most exciting and action packed goose hunting available! We offer 5 star goose hunting and outfitting opportunities along these historic migratory flyways. If the geese aren’t flying well on your hunt, then you can go straight into the upland fields and hunt pheasants and quail, at no extra charge!

Canada Goose Hunting Outfitter

Our goose hunts take place on flooded fields along the Mississippi and Illinois river bottoms. Pits are heated and in the middle of our flooded fields. The habitat has been managed for waterfowl for over 20 years. Our professional guides will transport you straight to the pit for each hunt. They will also be doing all the calling and even fix you a hot breakfast right in the blind!

Canada Goose Migrationcanada goose hunting in illinois

Every fall and winter, Canada geese fly south to winter. Along the way, geese will utilize the Mississippi and Illinois river flyways to feed on aquatic vegetation and leftover grain from agriculture fields to aid their long journey southward. One will often see an influx of geese right before and the days following major cold fronts. When open water begins to freeze, geese will be pushed further southward in search of food.