Late Season Whitetail Hunting in Illinois

deer hunting the illinois late seasonAugust 13, 2019 – Late Season Illinois Whitetail Hunting Report –  “We’ve had great planting conditions for our late season food plots this year. Our brassica and corn food plots should be in prime condition when the temperatures get cold and the snow moves in for our late season hunts this fall and winter. We’ve captured some great trail camera pictures so far over the summer, be sure to check them out in our trail camera gallery!” 

Hunting late season whitetails can be a very interesting time to be in the deer woods. In Illinois, we consider late season deer hunting all of December through the middle of January. There can be a huge difference in deer hunting from the beginning of December to the middle of January. There are several different whitetail phases during this time. There is the post rut, secondary rut and getting ready for winter phases.