Late Season Whitetail Hunting in Illinois

Successful Late Season Whitetail HuntApril 27th, 2022 – Pike County, IL Outfitter Report – “We had a great archery season this past fall with several nice whitetails harvested by bowhunters. If you are interested in a late season archery hunt with us this season, now is the time to reserve your hunt spots! Give us a call (217-982-4039) or E-Mail for more information!”

Hunting late season whitetails can be a very interesting time to be in the deer woods. In Illinois, we consider late season deer hunting all of December through the middle of January. There can be a huge difference in deer hunting from the beginning of December to the middle of January. There are several different whitetail phases during this time. There is the post rut, secondary rut and getting ready for winter phases.