Hunting Guide Jobs- Deer & Turkey Hunting

Looking for hunting guide jobs for deer or turkey hunting? Heartland Lodge is always searching for hunters interested in becoming a professional hunting guide. We are known across the country as one of the premier deer and turkey hunting outfitters with compassionate, knowledgeable and professional hunting guides. We’re located in West-Central Illinois in prime deer and turkey hunting habitat. Whitetail and turkey hunters from across the globe enjoy experiencing our “once in a lifetime” guided hunts that we offer. You’ll be part of a team of hardworking, detail oriented guides that put an emphasis on creating a 5-star guided hunting experience for our clientele.


Deer and Turkey Hunting Guides

Whitetail Hunting Guide Jobs

All of our whitetail hunting guides are experienced, accomplished deer hunters. We manage over 5,000 acres of the best whitetail hunting habitat in the country for trophy whitetails. We put in several acres of food plots, run trail cameras and scout year-around. Whether it be glassing summer bean fields in July or shed hunting in February, you will be hard pressed to find more compassionate deer hunting guides. Our guides take great pride in our ability to pattern deer, and give our clients the best guided deer hunting experience available.

If you are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling job as a whitetail hunting guide at one of the best whitetail hunting outfitters in the country, look no further than Heartland Lodge! Please sign up to the email list above to be notified when a guide position opens. We will send out an email to that list when a spot opens up.

Turkey Hunting Guide Jobs

Our turkey guides are fanatic turkey hunters! Several of our turkey guides travel across several states every spring hunting gobblers! Our turkey hunts start in Late-March and run through Mid-May. We specifically put in several acres of clover food plots, run near 100 trail cameras and scout our birds beginning in early March to get our turkey hunters on birds. Please sign up to the email list above to be notified when a guide position opens. We will send out an email to that list when a spot opens up.

Last Updated: February 1st, 2021

3 thoughts on “Hunting Guide Jobs- Deer & Turkey Hunting

  1. Would love to guide any opportunity available thank you so much, young and I’m trying to get started in the business been turkey hunting my whole life now I’m a current football player at university of Georgia and spend all my free time in the woods !
    Thanks have a great day

  2. Obsessed whitetail and turkey hunter out of the northeast @ ridgetop__runner. I have a landscaping business but my life literally revolves around hunting. In high school I would take any and everyone I could turkey hunting and had loads of success. Watching other people experiencing the chase and harvest of these animals is just as if not more exciting to me than hunting myself. I would love to live out my dream guiding people to the hunt of a lifetime!

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