Whitetail Deer Hunting

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successful whitetail hunters in pike county il

Now is the time to reserve your 2019 whitetail hunt. Most all of our peak dates sell out so don’t wait to book for 2019. Reserve your 2019 hunt now and we will honor the prices below. (Limited time only) We still have some late season spots open for 2018. It is a great way

calling during the pre rut phase can get a bully buck like this one fired up!

Pre Rut Whitetail Hunting Using Calls & Deer Decoys Hunting whitetails during the pre rut can be a great time to get a shot at a mature deer. Couple the right weather conditions, a little scrape monitoring, a good food source, and you can have a successful pre rut hunt. Pre-rut activity is already picking

Glassing for summer whitetails in the midwest

Food plots have taken all the luster of todays whitetail hunting era. Food plots undoubtedly help in attracting and holding deer, but few people realize the potential a small thicket can create for a great treestand location. The cover and food that a thicket creates will hold and attract mature whitetails season after season. The

The weather forecast for the last week of October and into the first of November is looking like great deer hunting conditions here in Pike County, Illinois. With the highs hovering around the mid 50’s and lows in the 30’s, deer movement should be great. Rub and scrape activity will be reaching peak levels within

Finding land in a highly managed deer hunting area can lead to consistent success!

What to Look for Before Buying Whitetail Hunting Property There are hundreds of farms for sale right now in Illinois, how do you choose one when the ads all say something like; big buck factory, whitetail paradise, dream farm, the perfect set up, one of the best deer hunting farms I’ve seen and so on

Several great treestand locations

Click any title below to expand property details! 162 Prime Deer Hunting Acres Close to the Lodge! Prime Deer Hunting Farm Located in Pike County, Illinois: 162 Acres- $646,380 Well balanced timber/tillable deer hunting property: 162 Total Acres: 40 Tillable/119 Timber/3 Other Located just a few minutes from Harpole’s Heartland Lodge One of the most

Deer hunting over white oak acorns in October can yield success!

Throughout the first few weeks in October, hunting whitetails over a preferred food source will be your best bet. Deer will be feeding heavily on the white oak acorns and will continue to feed on these as long as they last. During this time, it seems deer will seek out stands of alfalfa or clover

Hunting during Mid-October can be challenging, yet rewarding. Deer movement seems to be idle at best. Many whitetail hunters refer to this time of year as the “October Lull”. But did you know, numerous studies have shown that mature buck daytime movement steadily increases during this time of year? Mid-October is a time of great

SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL SCOUTING PHOTOS!  The bucks are looking great here in Pike County, Illinois as we are just days away from opening day of deer season! We’ve had an optimal growing season this summer and the bucks are looking great! Sign up to win a FREE WHITETAIL HUNT!! All you have to