Hunting The Illinois Whitetail Rut

September 1st, 2020 – Illinois Whitetail Rut Hunting Report –Giant whitetail taken during the rut  “We’re expecting our 2020 rut hunts here at the lodge to be filled with heart pumping, rut action! With a mild winter, early spring and fantastic growing conditions this summer, we’ve seen several nice upper age class bucks with great antler development this summer on trail camera. Needless to say, we’re very excited for the 2o20 rut hunts!”

Bow or gun hunting during the whitetail rut can be one of the most exciting times to be in the deer woods. This is traditionally the best time to be in the deer stand. As the leaves begin to fall and the weather starts to drop, mature deer start to become more and more visible during daylight hours searching for estrous does. The Illinois deer rut falls during the month of November. Hunting the Illinois deer rut can be divided up into three different hunting times: the end of the pre-rut, the rut, and the start of the post-rut.