Pike County Illinois Whitetail Hunts 2018

Now is the time to reserve your 2018 whitetail hunt. Most all of our peak dates sell out so don’t wait to book for 2018. Reserve your 2019 hunt now and we will honor the prices below. (Limited time only)

If you are looking for a free range whitetail deer hunting trip with a Pike County Illinois outfitter we want you to hunt with us. We specialize in archery deer hunts (crossbows are legal) along with gun hunts. Founded in 1995 we were the original deer hunting outfitter and lodge in Pike County. Illinois trophy whitetail hunts has been our specialty for 21 years. Many Illinois outfitters come and go, if you book your guided deer hunt with us you will see why we are rated the best.

Owner recommendation: “For the 2018 whitetail deer hunting season I would take a strong look at November 23-27 for an archery hunt and November 29 -Dec 2 for a firearm hunt. These hunts are a great value and this year they fall the earliest on the calendar than they will for several years.” Gary Harpole

Picture: A few of our bucks taken at the Lodge this year.. View more photos in our Photo Gallery>>

View this years scouting pictures in our Trail Cam & Scouting Photo Gallery>>

2018 Archery Dates Available:
More on our Archery Hunts>> *SPECIAL hunt prices below are valid for a limited time.
October 1st–5th (Opening Week - 5 Days of Hunting)$2,650
October 8th-11th, 12th am (4 1/2 Days of Hunting)SPECIAL $1,950 Reg $2,580
October 15th–18th, 19th am (4 1/2 Days of Hunting)
SPECIAL $1,950 Reg $2,580
October 8th-10th (3 Days of Hunting) SPECIAL $1,450 Reg $1,650
October 22nd–27th (6 Days of Hunting) $4,380
October 22nd–26th (5 Days of Hunting) $3,650
October 29th-November 2nd (5 Days of Hunting)$4,250
November 4th–8th (5 Days of Hunting) - SOLD OUT!$4,250
November 10th-14th (5 Days of Hunting) $4,250
November 23th-27th (5 Days of Hunting) $2,150
Six night, five day Dec & JanSPECIAL $1,650 Reg $2,150
Four night, three day Dec & JanSPECIAL $1,250 Reg $1,650
Four night, three day Dec & Jan Doe Reduction$950
Fall Turkey Hunt Option (More Info Here)$250
2018 Firearm Dates Available:
More on our Firearm Hunts>> *SPECIAL hunt prices below are valid for a limited time.
Youth Season October 6th, 7th, 8th (Shotgun or Muzzleloader)
(Doe only - 2 Days $750)
2 Days $1,000
3 Days $1,500
November 16th-18th (Shotgun or Muzzleloader) PEAK RUT!!$4,700
Nov 29th–Dec 2nd (Shotgun or Muzzleloader) SPECIAL $3,250
Reg $3,750
December 7th-9th (Muzzleloader Only) SPECIAL $2,150
Reg $2,650
Seven night, six day December Archery/Muzzleloader combo$3,150
Late Season Doe Firearm Hunts - (Gun not available) Can also use crossbow or archery
$ 950

Promo hunts are for new reservations only.

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Call 800-717-4868 or E-mail- Mattb@heartlandlodge.com to reserve your 2018 hunt!

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41 thoughts on “Pike County Illinois Whitetail Hunts 2018

  1. I have 2 questions that I have in mind, 1st, are these free ranging deer and 2nd are the dates set up during the rut and what are the rut dates there, generally? I go west river in South Dakota every year to hunt mule deer and the dates are the 2nd saturday in november through the following week. Please get back to me when you can or give me a call at 605-520-4046. Thank you. Scott

  2. I am looking for a place to hunt for my fiance and his dad. His dad has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer and he loves to hunt. Please give me a price for 2.

  3. Thinking and talking with a hunting friend of mine to make the trip out for archery season. Is crossbow allowed in Illinois ? Is there a discount for two? And if my wife does not hunt what would be the cost for her ? Thanks Bob Vidulich

  4. The price that is giving, is that the final cost? Or is there additional costs ? Like hunting license, guide fee, trophy fee?

  5. I am looking for a late season Whitetail hunt. I saw the dates were Dec into January. I was wondering if you could give me exact dates, price for 2 and any additional information that you might have on kt

  6. I am looking for a late season Whitetail hunt. I saw the dates were Dec into January. I was wondering if you could give me exact dates, price for 2 and any additional information that you might have on it. Looking for a Christmas gift!

  7. I am disabled and hunting with yall is basically a fantasy for me because raising a family of 4 on a ssi buget is hard enough i seldom have the gas money to go to our wma 22 miles away so with that said thankya for the information and yall have fun sincerely William Hutcheson

  8. Interested in the muzzleloader only spot, if you could mail me final exact cost for lodging ect that be great, thank you. Look forward to barking off my TC on a 200 inch giant!

  9. Hi , I’m a disabled combat veteran who is looking for a place to hunt but guns are not my thing anymore. Is the archery season during any gun seasons. I would be interested to book a hunt if every thing is what I need to enjoy my time at your location. Ty USMC

    1. Thank you for your service Lincoln. Yes, you can archery hunt during some of the gun seasons. We would enjoy having you hunt with us. Thanks!

  10. Would like to know more buy the late-season hunt full cost license what I would need thank you please get back to me

  11. Interested in a October 3 day rifle hunt for 170+ whitetail. What is cost for the deer? What are added costs for guide, food and lodging?

  12. To all who are looking for a whitetail hunt in Illinios , look no further than heartland. Having hunted with them twice in the past with my hunting buddy Ron Isaac , I can tell you it’s a first class operation. From the time you arrive until your departure you’re treated like family by the entire staff. and as far as the bucks, Ron & I harvested around 470″ of antlers from 3 bucks.
    Sincerely, Brian Woodall
    Winchester va.

  13. Can you send me the information and prices on your complete hunts. Lodging, meals and any other extras. Thank you.

  14. Is the December muzzleloader deer hunt in ground blinds near food plots? I am thinking about a December 2018 hunt with my inline muzzleloader I purchased last year (2016). I had a great time during my spring 2013 turkey hunt at Heartland Lodge. Thank you! Rod

  15. Heartland,
    My wife and I have hunting whitetail together for over 48 years. We are both getting where it is hard for us to walk great distances, especially if it is up hill. What is the average distance we would have to walk to get to our stands and are they tree are free standing stands.

  16. Wife and I are in our 70s and enjoy hunting whitetails. First time seeing your page, so we’ll be considering Heartland as we make our plans. Looks great. Thanks

  17. By chance do you have any other special offers for a little cheaper This is my first time dont know much about the in s and outs of the hunting process. I’m a advocate shooter and collecter of gun relics please advise would apperciate ur help.
    Robert P.Alagna

  18. Was interested in the bow hunt datrs 9 thru the 13 oct do you have any references for that week also what extra fees are is meals include

  19. Looking to hunt I need it broken down to what I will pay for including room food lunch to take to woods or on hunt do people need a gun or bow to bring with them or is there one to use or rent. Is alcohol on the property to have after a hunt also transportation to and from stands are they heated Thanks Ed Smith guide service

  20. Are these fenced deer of wild deer? Is the price set wether you get a deer or not? Looking for a price for two possibly.

    1. Hi David, no the deer are all free range. We have one set price and don’t charge any trophy fees. We would enjoy having you hunt with us.

    1. Hi Joseph. I tried to send you an email but the one your provided bounced. Please give us a call when you have a minute. 217-734-2526. Thanks! Gary



  22. I am looking for a late season archery hunt. Have you got any openings available for this season? If so could you please email me the info on dates and rates. Thanks and have a great day!!

  23. You certainly have a beautiful place to hunt and some great deer hope to be able to hunt with you some season soon.

  24. Hunting after the main rut can be real slow, interested in Nov 23-27th. Help me decide! Please email me info! Thanks Ron

  25. Happy Easter everyone; I’m looking at possibly booking a hunt during the Dec. and Jan. hunt for the Six Nite and Five day hunt. I would need to know if you use ground blinds or tree stands. I am a disabled vet and real high tree stands may be a problem. I do hunt tree stands on my property as long as it may be a ladder stand or climber.
    What would you need as far as a down payment and how soon would you need it. I may come by myself or if a friend decides to come with me. Again this would be the special for six nites and 5 days in Dec and Jan. Send me as much info on that time of year and are the deer still moving in the post rut. I live in southern Wisconsin and I think it may be about five hours down to your lodge. Thanks Ray

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