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Win a 5 night, 4 day November whitetail hunt for two hunters! A $5,000 value! To register all you have to do is enter your e-mail on the Whitetail Hunt Giveaway (Click link to enter email & giveaway) option, and that’s it!!!Whitetail Hunt Giveaway in Pike County Illinois

We giveaway a free whitetail hunt every year! A hunter will be drawn on August 1st, 2022. The hunter will be drawn from only the names that are entered in the last year.

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Heartland Lodge owns and leases thousands of acres of some of the best whitetail hunting properties in the Midwest. Heartland has a strict management program in place that allows for bucks to reach maturity and produces some incredible whitetails year after year. Check out why you should book your next whitetail hunt with Heartland Lodge here>>>whitetail hunt giveaway picture of a nice buck

PICTURED ABOVE: A giant 176 inch buck one of our archery hunters harvested opening week a few seasons ago! To see our Trophy Photo Gallery Click Here>> or to check out some of the big bucks we have on Trail Cameras Click Here>>

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WINNER WILL BE DRAWN August 1st, 2022- Announced Via E-mail

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Last Updated: August 2nd, 2021

227 thoughts on “Whitetail Hunt Giveaway!!

  1. Would love to win I’m 46 and have harvested 3 deer my intire life this looks like a trip of a lifetime cause we don’t see deer this size in georgia

  2. I would love to go on this hunt with my grandson who is moved in with me to help me with stuff.

    Around my place as this stage in my life I’ve really slow down but me and him have bonded along with the girlfriend of my great grandson thank you for offering this drawing

  3. Would love to win this. I would give this to my husband Dub Barkhimer and my granddaughter Lexy. To him because he will let buck walk by if it is heading towards his wife or granddaughter. My granddaughter because she’s such a good hunter like her father was.

  4. I would love to win, I would love to go but if possible I would send my 2 sons in my place, I don’t get to do very much for them and this would be such an awesome adventure for them , they both hunt very hard and most of the time they show me up . This would be an experience of a life time for them, but believe me if I only had 1 son that was a hunter I would definitely beonthe ban wagon ! Thankyou

  5. Would love to enjoy a hunt like this , buy I have rod screws and bone chips into neck and back . This would be a fantastic hunt though . Ty Steve

  6. Would love to make a hunt with my grandson before I get to old and am not able to make any awesome memories with him. Thanks for the chance happy hunting!

  7. Hunted Illinois only a couple of times … just being in Illinois hunting is extremely exciting. This would be a dream hunt for sure.

  8. I would bring my 14 yr old grandson who never shot anything I’ve been caring for when his parents lost him to the state and the passing of his father

  9. Well I have been hunting my whole life and I have never shot a buck this would be a fun and great experience.

  10. I’m 82 years old still hunt. I would love to hunt at Heartland Lodge.We don’t have Deer like that in New Jersey.

  11. I would love to make a hunt like this. I do not have the resources to purchase it but dream of these hunts. At my age,69, I probably will never be able to afford this type of hunt!

  12. I would love to go on another hunt being that I only hunted once in my life ( mountain lion ) I am 62 years old and I would love to bring my 7 year old son on this trip! Yes that’s not a typo he’s 7 ! 🤣

  13. My brother and I never get to hunt with each other. We’re in our mid 70’s, in good health and this would be a hunt to remember. Thanks, Vin

  14. I’d give it to my daughter Taylor Barnard and her boyfriend. They live in Louisiana and come up here hunting several times a year.

  15. Would love to Win Hunt Would love to take my Son Justin we have talked about a big hunt he has wanted to kill a mature Buck for Bragging rights.

  16. I would love to win a hunt. I would take my Son and have a great time. We went once to Indiana but were not successful.

  17. I would like to win this hunt for my Dad. Is almost 80 but in decent shape but not many more hunts left with him. He adopted me when I was 2 and in my lifetime he has never killed a rack buck. I have tried to put him on one at my lease but just cant seem to get it done . I would like to take him and I would let someone else hunt on my tag if I could just be there when he killed his.

  18. I am a widower having lost my wife of 44years to cancer. I would love to take my two grandsons on a hunt of this caliber.

  19. Would take my hunting partner my best friend my daughter Jojo nessine she would love to hunt with you guys

  20. I would love to hunt with you but I’m doing this for my two sons so they can have a memories for a life time.

  21. Love to bring my son to take his first buck we are both cancer survivors and don’t know how many hunts we have left… God bless

  22. I have dreamed about such a hunt. My brother (71) and I (soon to be 70) would cherish this opportunity. He lives in south Florida and I live in southern Michigan.

  23. I am 71 years old and I have been on a hunt like this it would be a dream come true. I am sure it’s that way for anyone lucky enough to go on a trip of a lifetime. It is good to know that there people like.you that make dreams come true for some people that only wish to go on a hunt of this caliber. I just won’t to say thank you for makeig drames come true.

  24. I have never killed a really big buck I’m 73 years old active hunter and would love to have a dream come true. The one on hunting trip to Texas and killed a basket eight pointer what is the biggest I ever killed.It would be a pleasure to be considered thank you.

  25. I’m at Vietnam veteran I’ve been hunting deer for 50 years. I’ll be 74 March 14, 2021. That would be one heck of a birthday present thank you for considering me.

  26. Haven’t hunted in problem 15 years would like to hunt one more time. 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  27. This would be awesome for my husband and son to experience. My son has a disability and being able to do something like this with his dad would be priceless.

  28. Would love to take my grandson on a hunt before I get to old. He really loves to hunt and fish. It’s hard to keep him interested in hunting when our recourse s where we live are dwindling in number s.

  29. This would be a great graduation present for my son and myself to go on, be with a quality group for a great hunt.

  30. I’ve gotten old and I’m handicapped my brother and I used to hunt together all the time I would love one more chance for us to go hunting together for good decent deer

  31. I would love to receive a free hunt for me and my grandson. I’m a 74 year old Vietnam veteran were I served 4 tures.

  32. After 50 years of hunting and teaching my Sons about the outdoors and hunting I believe its time to g o on that well deserved special hunt im 74 and its been a long time dream of mine; Thankyou.

  33. I’m 76 still work mobile auto repair hunt deer and hogs every year all my buddy’s I hunt with are dyeing off not many of us left I’m in Florida never hunted big deer it would be fun

  34. Would love to win this hunt. Im a 26 year Army Veteran and never been on a hunt such as this.

  35. Like to hunt whin I have time I have never killed a 150 class dear these mountains in North Georgia hard to hurt basically have to outsmart them

  36. I never had a chance to get to hunt outside of Wisconsin. Would be nice to. Like to take one of my kids.

  37. My son and I have hunted together for years here in the south but never afforded to go out west. I would love to take him to get a big one. And thank you so much for the opportunity.

  38. I would love to win for my husband. He is a 72 year old Vietnam veteran and has worked very hard all his life to provide his family a living. He has always wanted to go on a hunt, but money was tight. Would love to win something like this before he get to old to go.

  39. It would mean so much for my husband, and he would love to take his nephew. It would be a hunt of a lifetime. It would be great to be considered. Thank you.

  40. My brother lives in New Jersey and I live in Florida. We both love to hunt. This would be a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with him.

  41. I would love the opportunity to win this hut but I also would love to see an elderly or disabled go and kill a buck of a lifetime

  42. I would love my husband to win this but he would probably give it away to a disabled elderly person for the chance of a lifetime

  43. I’m 69 and love hunting. My son and I would love this trip. I’ve had 2 open heart surgeries and a stroke. Had back surgery April 21, 2021.Doing good now. I would be honored to hunt with you.

  44. Love to have this young man get a hunt like this lost his dad Nov 15 just before wisc gun deer.season .last year his name is cole very good boy thank you

  45. I would love to have my patriotic husband win this hunt. He has picked up hunting again after all these years and it has really helped him with his PTSD being in the outdoors hunting and fishing.

  46. My dad passed 5 yrs ago who was my best freind and hunting partner. Sense he passed my dad’s last servicing brother and I have become hunting partners and best friends . I would love to take him on a hunt like this.

  47. Looking for a place like yours to bring my grandson when he gets older. Looking to try several places by then. For now I would bring my hunting partner Allen

  48. Hunted wood river20 years ago would love to return to Illinois would bring my pastor he would love it

  49. I ‘d love to take a dear friend by the name of Steve Leonard on this hunt if I would be fortunate enough to win.

  50. Would Love to win a hunt with you. As long as I’ve been hunting started when I was 12 and I’m 66 now. I have one deer on my wall and I killed him in 2017 here in Alabama where I live. Thank You for the opportunity to try to win this hunt.

  51. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance at hunting at your lodge, I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and would love spending this time hunting with my wife for a chance to harvest her first deer. Best of luck to everyone at this chance towards the hunt of a lifetime!

  52. Have only hunted Kansas whitetails and would love to take my Son-in-law on a hunt like this.

  53. I’d love to win this for myself and my youngest son. This would be a dream come true for the both of us. I’d love to get a giant Buck. And I know that my son would like to be able to get a big buck himself. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful hunting trip. Thank you again

  54. I 58 years old & have lived free all my life! Seems like our freedoms are coming to an end! My son Jacob Duke is 15 years old! It’s a blessing to live free! I love to show him this beautiful country & show him about the blessing of taking a buck of a life time

  55. I have never won anything this would be a blessing I bring my best friend shawn Murray we don’t hunt together anymore but love to make a great memory with him again praise God if I win

  56. Would love to win this as my best friend Steve Coffee and I have hunted together for years but o!d age and time has separated us to different states. Would love to hunt together one more time.

  57. This is for my husband. He has helped so many young people learn how to hunt. He is now disabled with MS, but he still does his best to try and hunt. Winning this hunt would be his reward for over 50 years of helping and doing for others with a smile. He has always dreamed of hunting big white tails. He is also a retired taxidermist. And we have seen the look on his face when someone brought a big white tail to his shop. He would be over the top if he won the hunt.

  58. Never have hunted in Illinois so it would be an amazing experience. I have never went on a paid hunt so would be a new experience for me as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Was bowhunting before bowhunting women became cool!
    NRA member. Husband deceased, Army. Love to bring my only son,
    Brandon, with me. He’s never bow killed a whitetail deer. Looks like as exciting a woodland area for deer just as our Louisiana forestland does!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  60. My son and I have only been hunting one time. This would be a great opportunity for us to enjoy a hunt together before I get too old.

  61. This would be a great gift for my father we’ve tried to take a hunting trip together but never have had a chance would like to get this is off his bucket list

  62. Been hunting since I was 8years old but never hunted deer like that and 66 now looks to be a nice hunt thank you giving everyone a chance to hunt

  63. This Whitetail hunt would be the ultimate for my sons, the oldest Derick is a Marine who done two tours in Afghanistan, the youngest is an Airman. They have served our country and made sacrifices for us all, they deserve to go out on a Whitetail hunt of a lifetime, and be able possibly harvest amazing Whitetails.

    Thank you all.

  64. This Whitetail hunt would be the ultimate for my sons, the oldest Derick is a Marine, who done two tours in Afghanistan, the youngest Dylan is an Airman. They have served our country and made sacrifices for us all, they deserve to go out on a Whitetail hunt of a lifetime, and be able possibly harvest amazing Whitetails. Thank you all.

  65. Would love to take my granddaughter on a Adventure of her life that she will always remember with me . She is 12 has killed several deer has been hunting since she was 5 . Very safe hunter knows gun Saftey and follows Directions

  66. My husband is a combat veteran who has been watching Zack on YouTube, and has longed for a trip like this! The Good Lord willing, he will be able to hunt with you sometime in the next few years – winning a whitetail hunt would be the dream of a lifetime come true. Either way, he does plan to come and experience this type of adventure with you! God bless you and your staff!

  67. My Dad always wanted to go on a hunt, and I would have taken him in a heart beat. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly in May, so I would take my wife with as she knows how much it would mean to me.

  68. MY goal was to go on a whitetail hunt. I’ve never been able to do it.At 73 I am running out of time.

  69. I’m 60 years old my son is in national guards 27 years old we’ve never been hunted together He’s In Saudi Arabia Coming home in October Can’t wait to See him That would be a dream come true If not thank you for A chance to sign up Thank you have a good day

  70. “Win a whitetail hunt” If am lucky enough to win it would be a tuff decision as to who to bring; my father, one of my sons, a best friend or my father-in-law. All avid hunters. But whoever it is I am certain it will be a hunting memory not forgotten.

  71. I would bring my wife, she’s been hunting for eleven years but has never had a shot at a true wall hanger,she’s killed several deer but the illusive wall hanger has avoided her lol. She’s a good shot and loves to track a blood trail. I’ve killed alot of deer in my lifetime, I would truly love to see the look on her face when she gets to say,Big Buck Down.

  72. I would take my granddaughter or grandson..they are into hunting this would be such a memorable experience for us. With my disability its getting harder for me

  73. I would love to bring my grandson or my nephew. If I EVER need ANYTHING all I have to do is ask and both come running.

  74. I would love to bring my friend,(Mickey Johnson) He had a stroke, and has a hard time but still lives and Loves to hunt!!

  75. would just love to go on a hunt like this but i had 52 pieces of titiaum put in my back a little harder but will still do it whom ever wins this will just love it
    and thank you so much for makeing someones dreams come true

  76. Starting to get old and body issues are starting to get the best of me. Would love to win a hunt like this to for one great last hunt to remember how the good time are!

  77. 59 years old and have never bean lucky enough to do something like this and would love to take my daughter.

    Hope I can win.

  78. This would be a dream come true for an 87 yr old veteran.thanks for the chance to make my dream come to life,god bless.!!!…

  79. This would be a dream hunt. I would bring my son on our first hunt together. A truly on my bucket list. Blessings

  80. Have hunted with my son and grandson for quite a few years. they have taken GREAT care of me if I win this it would be a great gift from me to them!!!!!!!!!

  81. Haven’t hunted since 2015. Retired 2014. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Went through three Whipple surgeries. I am cancer free. God is great. Would love to take son on a memorable hunting trip.

  82. Would love to win I haven’t been able to for several years I can’t walk much but maybe I could get one hunt in

  83. Would like to win to be able to take a buck for the first time with a bow an spend time with my son an it would be his first time in the woods to deer hunt

  84. I would love the opportunity to share a memorable hunting experience with my son Randy Crum. As the have slipped I have realized some of my favorite memories with my son have been hunting white deer. We have yet to date both harvested a mature deer in the same season, for a father and son photo of a life time. Thank you for the chance.

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