Whitetail Hunt Giveaway!!

Win a 5 night, 4 day October whitetail hunt for two hunters! A $5,000 value! To register all you have to do is enter your e-mail on the Whitetail Hunt Giveaway (Click link to enter email & giveaway) option, and that’s it!!!Whitetail Hunt Giveaway in Pike County Illinois

We giveaway a free whitetail hunt every year! A hunter will be drawn on July 31, 2021. The hunter will be drawn from only the names that are entered in the last year.

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Heartland Lodge owns and leases thousands of acres of some of the best whitetail hunting properties in the Midwest. Heartland has a strict management program in place that allows for bucks to reach maturity and produces some incredible whitetails year after year. Check out why you should book your next whitetail hunt with Heartland Lodge here>>>whitetail hunt giveaway picture of a nice buck

PICTURED ABOVE: A giant 176 inch buck one of our archery hunters harvested opening week of the 2019 season! To see our Trophy Photo Gallery Click Here>> or to check out some of the big bucks we have on Trail Cameras Click Here>>

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Last Updated: October 8th, 2019

341 thoughts on “Whitetail Hunt Giveaway!!

  1. Would love to win a hunt with my son, I am retiring in march. I am a retired Marine, firefighter and now work for the City of Battle Creek retiring March 29, 2018.

  2. This is very special for y’all to be giving this hunt away I’ve never hunted anywhere but around my home this would be a dream come true to be the winner picked, anyone should feel blessed to be picked thanks to yall for the opportunity may God be with ya all and may he bless me with the hunt, thanks Tim Newhart

  3. Whitetail hunt giveaway would be Awesome to share with my husband Steve !!! This would be a lot of fun !! The employees you have are always going out of there way to help you!! Never had a bad experience !!! Work for FedEx an enjoy bringing pkgs to your place

  4. Whitetail giveaway is my dream for and opportunity to be able to collect one trophy buck in my life. I would hunt with my son John Byron Marlar. What a true blessing that would be

  5. Always dreamed of a hunt like this. MS has put a damper on my Hunting but I still can hunt just on the Ground not in a tree any more.

  6. It would be my honor to hunt your ranch !
    I am an 18 year Volunteer Fireman 🚒!
    Been whitetail deer hunting since I was 12tears old now 48years old ! Killed my. Eat buck to date this past season 1603/8 score main frame 9pt with a kicker !
    I would take my dad on this hunt cause he has been hunting just as long as I have and this year battled cancer at 71years young ! Also June 2017 my parents lost there Home and everything in it to a nasty fire loosing the two deer heads he ever harvested I worked very hard to try to get him a buck but with treatment and working on the new house he only got to go three times !
    He has never killed a giant buck always giving his three sons all the good spots and coming back to camp early to cook and things he shoots akot of does just to have meat in the freezer!!
    So please pick me for your contest !

  7. I’ve taken my son hunting multiple times and he’s never shot a deer. This would be a great opportunity to take him and potentially shoot a trophy buck.

  8. My wife and I have been deer hunting for severalyears and she is ready for a hunt of a lifetime, so am I!! Pick us please!!

  9. I would like to take my grandson on a hunt of a lifetime for his dream buck.i am disable and to be able to take this hunt with him would mean more to me than anyone could ever imagine.

  10. I would like to give back to a friend who treated me to a very successful Kansas hunt. When he moved to PA he tried for a few years to find someone to help him get into huniting with no luck. He approached me and I took him under my wing and we have enjoyed many great hunts together. Three years ago he traded three guns for 2 hunts to Kansas and invited me to go. I would love to surprise him with this trip.

  11. I’m recovering from stage IV cancer and ham committed to eating wild game. This would be a great way to fill the freezer and have a life long memory.

  12. The Last two years haven’t had chance too hunt. This past year wasn’t the best . So I am asking the Lord to bless my 15 year old with a hint that he would remember for life in Jesus name.

  13. I would love a chance to give my daughter the hunt of a lifetime.i myself am a hunter whos never got a wall hanger yet and would gladly give that chance to my daughter to have that opportunity as long as i can there with her. A memory to remember and another youth in archery instead of a x box or video games. God bless you all

  14. I followed Heartland for a long time you have beautiful dear and I’d love to bring a friend to take couple it would be a hunt of a lifetime

  15. This would be a dream hunt for an ole South Carolina boy!! To spend time enjoying the great outdoors and lay the smack down on a biggun!! Good Luck to all!!

  16. I would love to win this hunt and take my dad Toby jones he’s the hardest working man I know and he has hunted for 30 years waiting for a big buck this is his dream and I would love to make that come true for him.

  17. This is what me and my son has been wanting to do for a long time but just haven’t had the funds to do so it would be awesome experience.

  18. At age 63 and living in Southern Al. I’ve taken my fair share but the deer where I live just aren’t very big. Always dreamed of going to a state that’s known for Big Bucks but never had the means to do it. To hunt Heartland Lodge would be a life long dream come true. Thanks for offering such a great hunt 🦌

  19. “Whitetail GIVEAWAY”
    I would take a great friend of mine officer Ed Weaver! He gives all the time and definitely deserves this! We hunted hard this year and he had just a run of bad luck and didn’t harvest a single deer all season.

  20. I would take Officer Ed Weaver! He is a huge part of the community and always gives his everything! He deserves this and it would make his day! He hunted hard this year and just had a run of bad luck. He didn’t harvest a single deer this season!

  21. I am a retired USAF veteran and a retired Corrections Officer from the State of Michigan who would love to win the hunt of a lifetime at Harpoles Hunting Lodge. I am also a pheasant hunter and own a real good Brittany Spaniel who I would love to put on some Ringnecks.

  22. I would take my son Noah. I spent 30 years in the United States Navy and missed a lot of quality time with him. This hunt would mean the world for both us. Thank you for the opportunity

  23. I would definitely take my beautiful daughter Brooke Shannon! This would be a awesome dad and daughter hunt of a lifetime.

  24. Would like to take my dad on one last hunt so he could shoot a buck of a lifetime. Last time hunting for us he took a heart attack then after bypass surgery was doing great and then took a stroke. His wish is to be able to shoot a big buck

  25. Would love to share this experience with my identical twin. We have talked about doing this a few times, but we both have two different lives. He lives in Maryland and I live North Carolina. Thanks you for considering us!

  26. This would be great to take my uncle along with me. He’s a person who’s so deserving of an opportunity like this after giving back to his community and 30 plus years of service as an officer.

  27. Would be awesome to win this hunt. Would take my wife with me. Wouldn’t want to make any of the kids made if I took one of them an the other 4 didn’t get to go.

  28. Would be awesome to win this hunt. Would take my wife with me. Wouldn’t want to make any of the kids mad if I took one of them an the other 4 didn’t get to go.

  29. Would love to give this to my husband and grandson.They are so important to me, would love to win this for them.

  30. Been by this property in the past and one night I seen the biggest buck ever! Way over 200 inches. They got the big ones!

  31. I would love to win this hunt for my nephew and I, he is a military vet and has so health issues. So if any chance we would love to hunt.

  32. I would love to win a hunt like this that I can share with my son. He is a retired veteran. He grew up hunting by my side. Now I never get to see him. This would mean the world to me to share a memorable hunt together.

  33. I would love to take my son he is 15 yr old and loves deer hunting and fishing this would be a blessing to get too go on a hunt like this with him.thanks and God bless

  34. Would love to go with my son we hunt together ever year and don’t get any thing but we enjoy and have fun spending time together

  35. I have been hunting since I was 12 I will be 70 in March shot a lot of bucks but never got a wall hanger like the bucks you guys got just ONE time before I leave this earth I would love a MONSTER BUCK !

  36. Man this would be a dream come true… A chance at a real trophy…It would be nice to get away with a good friend and share this once in a lifetime experience.

  37. I have never had the opportunity to hunt with my son. We are both veterans and he was recently medically discharged. I can’t think of anything more exciting than to see him get his very first deer. A trophy deer would be very nice, however for me, meat first, trophy later, which can be both at the same time. A trip away for us both would be just AWESOME!

  38. my father got a blood disorder, and haven hunted in a few years ,it be nice to get a great hunt with you guys , i think he would love it . thank you

  39. Would like to take my dad or uncle, my dad is 80 and uncle 77, they have both taught me what I know about hunting, both have limited abilities to hunt. My they both love to cut and wrap after I have harvested deer.

  40. If I win this hunt it will be my last hunt most likely ever! I’ve had 6 back operations & now on a kidney machine! But I would love to take my bestfrind Tony Williams! He helps me when ever I need help!I would love to give him this hunt as a way to say thank u!

  41. I’m a tower climber I’m always on the road and never get chance to go hunting if I won I would take my daughter she’s only four but she’s every bit country like her dad and if I won a trip I don’t know who better to spend it with

  42. Just got back into hunting after 20 years after a great friend was lost due to a hunting accident would be a tribute to him

  43. Just got back into hunting after 20 years off due to the loss of a great friend lost in a hunting accident would be a great tribute to him would take a good friend Mark Dusablon!

  44. Would love to share this with a good friend Charlie that I hunt with after my son died we hunted the same time and place the first week of black power season in North Carolina

  45. I would love to take my girlfriend Jessica Bianco. This will be her second year hunting. Thanks for the chance. I hope we win.

  46. I would want to take my twin brother, it would be a dream hunt for the both of us, we have all ways hunted together and talked about a big hunt like this but never had the chance to do, it be a blessing to fill our dream, thanks for the chance

  47. I would want to take my twin brother, it would be a dream hunt for the both of us, we have all ways hunted together and talked about a big hunt like this but never had the chance to do, it be a blessing to fill our dream,

  48. I would love to take this dear friend Eric Fair with me he help me trough a time of trial as I was my cousin caretaker that would be a blessing…

  49. I would love to win this hunt for me and my son! He’s a wrestling coach at high school level and raising four kids of his own and I’ve got two of my other grandkids I’m raising and we really never have time to get to hunt together anymore !

  50. I would love to go on this hunt with my dad this is our 2nd year of hunting and we’re going getting pretty serious about it… My dream is is for me and my dad to win this and then 1 of us will a big buck… If we can’t win this at least give us some tips on the feed and how to hunt and when should I start feeding and just any tips.. thanks

  51. Due to my health problems a couple of years ago, my husband had to sell a lot of his hunting items to take care of extra bills due to my being out of work. I’m now on disability and I’m trying so hard to replace those items for him, he’s such a wonderful Christian man. He’s been down on his luck with some health issues now and I would give most anything to win this for him and his best buddy!!this would truly be prayers answered and a dream come true!!

  52. Looking to win the hunt of a life time with my beautiful wife, I’m 23 years old and have been hunting since I have been 8 years old and still look for my first deer

  53. If I was lucky enough to win I would take my 76 year old dad who taught me how to hunt on a hunt of a lifetime. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. It’s a fantastic idea of giving away a hunt like this. If I win something like this I would like to take my father on this hunt. He retired this past year and this would be a bucket list hunt for the old man. He is not able to hunt as hard as he use to, so it’s tough to get him back where we hunt in ANF. Our whole lives have been National Forest hunting. Beautiful place to hunt but hard on the knees at his age. My brother and I would love to see him with a wallhanger in his life time. Either way it’s nice to see an outfitter give away hunts like this. Cheers

  55. I’d give a limb to win this hunt for my fiance and his dad. His dad is getting older and hunting in Louisiana at our lease is becoming tiresome for him. It is a very rugged terrain and having only a little piece of land amongst tens of thousands of acres makes it very difficult to harvest. It becomes quite frustrating when you go weeks and months without even seeing a deer, unfortunately most are nocturnal by the time season rolls around. My fiance was raised hunting by his dad, it is a passion they share. As his dad gets older he worries that he will get out of the sport. I wish so badly to win this hunt so that they could have an amazing opportunity to find that thrill again, together.

  56. I would love to win this hunt for my dad and myself I don’t know a guy that is more deserving for a hunt like this he has always put others before himself and always getting youth involved in hunting. The older I get we don’t get to hunt as often together as I would like to due to work. I believe this would be the hunt of a lifetime for us both!!

  57. I hope I win. Im only 13 years old. If I win i want to take my grandpa.I love deer hunting. I have killed three does bout never a buck.If i win i hope i kill a buck.I will hunt with my 30-6 or my bow or a mussle loader.

  58. I watch y’all’s hunting shows every year I would love to win and bring my son I’d be so happy thanks. and God bless

  59. I put my husband in for the free hunt him and my son both love to be in the outdoors doing something all the….my husband is a correctional officer and he works really hard to keep us all safe and i would love to see him win this trip just to show that i really love him and he is just not a hero that i forgotten about

  60. Thanks for the opportunity to make a dream of an old man come true and may god bless you all for making someone’s dreams come true if not my!!

  61. I could comment a lot about my last 67 years of life health,loss of family,job in LE. I know we all go thur these things but most of it we can’t change. Its the road of life. I’m truly blessed for each day of life that our creator has given us and these wonderful animals that we hunt and the lands they live. Its always great to have the chance and be able to hunt.Winning this would be a blessing to any person that may receive it. Thanks for giving us all a place to hunt and this chance of a life time.

  62. Id love the chance to win this hunt so i could bring my girlfriend on her first ever out of state hunt and no better place then Heartland Lodge.. Thanks for the opportunity for everyone to get a chance to win this hunt it is an awesome thing to do….

  63. This would be a dream come true to take my wife and harvest her first real mature whitetail deer. She has heart surgery feburary 13 keep us in your prayers. God bless!

  64. I would love to win the hunt and have an opportunity to shoot a truly big buck and have my son alongside for the same opportunity, would sure make a great memory of the whitetail woods

  65. I have experienced the awesome hunts in Pike and Calhoun counties over the years. 3 children later as tiime has slowed for major hunting trips this would be a phenomenal hunt to take my 10 year old son on just for the experience. He has heard so many stories of this promised hunting land over the years. I would love to share a special hunt if won with the most important person in my life, my one and only son.

  66. I enjoyed seeing the deer that were taken. My sons and I never seem to have enough time to hunt, fish or trap. They are always on the go and dad time seems to be slipping away. I knew this time would come some day , just not this soon. This hunt would be a great chance to steal back a little time. Thanks for the chance.

  67. I would love to win this for my husband and son I have always wanted to do this for them plus my granddaughter she is five wants to get her a buck to.

  68. If I did win I would give it to my son so he can take his kid brother both of them are involved in sports and hunt just a little bit that would be the ultimate Christmas gift for next year anyways thank you for the opportunity

  69. It’s truly amazing that your company and employees are giving away a free hunt for a chance at a once in a lifetime booner. I know a lot of time and effort gets put into what you guys do and and to give a free opportunity for a lucky hunter is what this sport is about. More outfitters need to follow this great idea and change somebody’s hunting career. Good luck to everyone and may the winner shoot straight and harvest a true Illinois giant!!!!

  70. I would to win hunt of a lifetime and bring my son and maybe he can hunt and get his first buck he’s 8 thank you so much for the opportunity

  71. Would be awesome to win. I would bring my buddy to has a broken back so has had a hard hunting in our Northern N.Y. weather in the fall since his accident. Would be a great opportunity gor him to get on a nice buck with me to share the lasting memory.

  72. I am a retired Navy veteran, a retired law enforcement veteran, a volunteer firefighter and I was an EMT at one point. I’m adisabled veteran and semi-retired. A hunt of a lifetime would be the thrill of a lifetime

  73. I will be 75 in July but by the grace of God, I am still in good health. I would love the chance to shoot a wall hanger with my son while I am still able to enjoy the outdoors.

  74. I’m a 24 year retired US Army Veteran.
    When I’m still able to hunt. I would love to share this hunt with my Daughter.
    I’ll be 64 in March . Been retired since March 1999.
    What a dream trip this would be for my daughter and I for each of us to harvest a wall HANGER.

  75. I would love to hunt with my son one more time I am handicapped and no longer able to get out and hunt with him I taught him everything he knows but cannot go and watch him up would mean the world to both of us God bless for what you are doing

  76. Thank you for the opportunity. I am a second year hunter at 42 years old. So far the score is me 0- hunting season 2. I would love to win a hunt and have the chance to take a mature whitetail.

  77. This is an amazing gift & I hope that whoever wins will truly love & cherish the opportunity y’all are offering!! Y’all rock & fingers crossed I have a little luck on my side. This would sure make a special honeymoon for my husband & myself. We have been married 11 years & still haven’t found the time to have one LOL. Good luck everyone 🙂

  78. Whitetail hunt giveaway!!!!!!! Would like to take my best friend since birth he has never killed a deer, and i would love for him to have that opportunity!

  79. Would love to take my best friend on a fabulous hunt we have known each other since kindergarten and we always work and dream of a hunt like this

  80. I would love to take my mom.she has been threw he’ll and she came out saved by Grace. She can lay the smack down with the best. Would like to treat her with a hunt to say,thank you .

  81. I would love for the opportunity to be able to take my son on a chance of a lifetime hunt of this stature. The memories that he and I would make is something that we could cherish for the rest of our lives!!!

  82. Father and son white tail hunt always wanted to hunt white taiwith my son now he is out of college this would be a hunt of a life time for both of us tks for the opportunity

  83. I have never hunted outside my state and would love to bring my brother with me. would be a hunt of a lifetime for me and him. thank you for the offer

  84. I was trying to think of a great thing to do for my 30 anniversary (2020)! Everyone always wants to go to a tropical beach… I thought about it and I think going on a whitetail hunt would be really cool, ran it by the husband nd he was surprised I said that. I shot my first deer this year after hunting for 16 years off and on! I love watching hunting shows and regardless I will be booking some kind of hunting trip for 2020 just to have that wonderful experience as they do on TV!!!!

  85. Would Love the opportunity to win and take my wife of 32 years who has never hunted to let her share something I love to do with me .

  86. This would be a great way to keep my son interested in hunting. He has hunted with me the last 3 years and has not shot a deer. I would like to keep him interested in hunting and I think this hunt would do it.

  87. I absolutely love how the hunting industry has became so huge, it gives us hunters opportunities to come together. Such as you guys offering hunts for less fortunate. My hats off to you and God blesss.

  88. I would take my brother nathan lively with me! He is in the air force and has missed out on hunting the past couple of years due to being deployed overseas.

  89. I would take my dad bill massey, he’s my best friend. We lost my mom to cancer this past September and he has hunted once this year, because he hasn’t felt like doing much! Would love to be able to share this experience with him.

  90. There is really no reason I am better to win then anyone else.I had knee replacement in July,5 wrist surgery’s in left hand it’s hard to w as ll and I have climbed one start.i would be honored to win this trophy for my son and husband.i know its as ll luck may the luck be with me

  91. I would be extremely grateful for this opportunity I planned on going on a hunt like this before I got hurt.I fell four stories at work and broke my back in two places and fractured my pelvis on both sides.I’ve been through two back surgeries and other surgeries. They said I wouldn’t walk but I pushed my self and I’m still walking. My plan was to get one of these hunt for my dad and myself. But since now I’m disabled I couldn’t afford it. And my dad has passed. I would love to win this hunt and take my friend Greg who has helped me through some tough times.

  92. Me and my buddy Zach love to hunt and it’s about all we do when winter rolls around. This would be a great experience for us.

  93. I would take my son I lost one of my sons in 2006 he got struck by lightning had 4 young kids so this would be great for the son I have left. Thanks

  94. As a Disabled Combat Wounded Veteran a deer hunt like this would really take my mind off all the other junk that eats at me. I would bring my Disabled Veteran brother Floyd Stewart. ” WHITETAIL HUNT GIVEAWAY” THANKS.

  95. I’m an avid hunter who is about to turn 70. It would be a blast to be able to have an out of state hunt and see a few of the monster bucks that ya’ll have! I would bring along my good friend Carl Standridge.

  96. Thank you for this giveaway hunt. As I read the comments, I’m blown away. There are so many deserving people of this hunt of a lifetime.

  97. Would like to bring my dad he is 75 would like to do something like this before he leaves this world and I hope that we were the ones to win and thanks for this opportunity for a life time for my dad and I

  98. Would like to bring my dad he is 75 yrs old would like to do something like this .and I hope that we were the ones to win and thanks for this opportunity for a life time for my dad and I

  99. Thank you for offering a lifetime memorable hunting experience, it’s encouraging in today’s society to see your kindness! God Bless and once again thank you for this blessed opportunity.

  100. Thank you for offering a lifetime hunting experience this is truly a memorable gift in today’s society. God Bless and thank you.

  101. Well I’m not very lucky but what the heck I give it a try.
    I would love to take my future wife and get her addicted to the hunt.
    Heck maybe we can even get married on your ranch.

  102. Whitetail giveaway if I win this hunt I would bring my wife because we both are disabled and it would be a life time of great memories

  103. Would love to treat my 83yr old Dad to this hunt.As a Nam Vet ( USAF retired) who raised 5 kids, hes never had the money to go on such an adventure.As for myself, I dont have too many hunts left in me, as Ive already had 2 heart attacks.We both love to hunt deer here in N.Y., but the quality of buck are substandard.Can u help fulfill our dreams?

  104. It would be great to win this and have a hunt with my older brother Nick before we both can’t.
    Thanks for the opportunity
    John Schatz

  105. I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and my son Bryce does everything he can to get me out into the woods. Which many days is quite a bit. Although I can still walk,, I trip and fall quite a bit. But Bruce is always there to pick me up, carry my pack or gun and make sure I get in the blind. So I would bring my well deserving son Bryce.

  106. I would love the opportunity to win your hunt the person I would pick would be my brother we’re both combat vets who served in Iraq and Afghanistan together this should be a great moment for us to share I’ve done wondered where events all over the country as a mentor helping soldiers thank you for this opportunity to enter and when good luck to whoever does

  107. I would love to win this for my husband and his best friend. They’ve both been dealing with some health issues and I would love to send them on a hunt of a lifetime. They both need a week to forget about their problems and try to get their dream buck

  108. I’m not gonna brag, exaggerate, or lie. I’m just an ordinary person who loves to take a advantage of the outdoors and believes in GOD. I would love to try something like this. Never got a trophy buck. Well GOD bless may the best man win.

  109. I would love to take my son on this hunt there is absolutely nothing like watching kids have an opportunity of a lifetime on a trophy buck thank you and good luck to everyone

  110. Well I’ve been trying for years to win a hunting contest like this and never been lucky,but my daughter just turned 29 on January 29th of this year, and I have been trying since she started hunting at 12 years old,to try and win a hunt to take her on. Told her I will keep trying until the good Lord takes me.I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to enter your contest,and also good luck to the lucky person who win this contest. GOD BLESS!!!!

  111. I would love to win this drawing ,a trophy buck is on my bucket list, my brother and I hunt togeather on our 40 acre but never see bucks such as big and as you and your hunting crew have a great food plot program . Thanks and keep up the good work. Bruce and Steve young , army and marine vets.

  112. I have been married to my awesome wife for 7 years now , unfortunately we still have never been on a honeymoon. We both are avid hunters and this would be a great way for us to do something together and make some memories that will last a lifetime and to tell grandkids about , please consider us for this awesome opportunity!!!

  113. It would be a real honor to win something like this! Not sure who I would bring but everyone I hunt with should start being nice to me😁

  114. Would love this hunt for my daughter and myself, she is 25 and been hunting with me since she was 11, she is a very good hunter, and a real trooper on those cold days thank You

  115. My son and I have always wanted to go on a hunt like this one.hope you choose me it would make a dream come true

  116. My Dad and I use to go hunting all the time. He called me his little Buckshot Shell. Shortly after the season started in 2018 he had to have back surgery,so he didn’t get a chance to go at all. He’s struggling with a cane now to get around from place to place and I know it would mean the world to him to share and make one more precious memory with his little Buckshot Shell. Happy Hunting to all and
    God Bless

  117. I want to win this hunt so bad me and my dad always wanted to go to Colorado but never did he died a little to soon i guess god needed him upstairs…ps i want to win this so bad ive never won anything and thanks..best of luck to all..

  118. My husband lives and breathes hunting. His dream would be to be a hunting guide. I hope and pray he can win this. He would be over the moon!!! All he does is watches hunting shows or just treks the woods in search for signs of deer.

  119. I would like to hunt a massive buck since I have never seen a true monster buck in the woods of Westchester NY and have gotten only small framed 8pts in my hunting career.

  120. I am a 69 year old retired/disabled veteran. I would like to take my 16 year old Autistic Son Chase on this hunt. This will be my last deer hunting season, and Life is Good.

  121. Would love to win this this hunt for my husband! We are from Murfreesboro Arkansas and he has always wanted to come to pike county to hunt!!!

  122. I’d love to win a hunt I’m 60 years old with stage 4 kidney failure an I just found I got lung cancer.so before I die it would be a dream come to.ty for giving a hunt to one lucky winner.

  123. I would b honored having the chance to go to a hunting lodge for the first time in my life. I am 69 yrs old and haven’t hunted in bout 30 yrs. I would b blessed to have this chance to see deer with a bow in my hands. This is the ultimate bucket list thank you for the thought of this being a possibility at my age thank you again.

  124. I would bring my buddy from church because we both love to hunt and it would be a awesome opportunity to kill a nice buck and have a great time of fellowship

  125. I live in Georgia and I have never won any thing like this but I always keep trying and hoping one day I would get picked to kill a sure enough good whitetail that I could brag about. where I live we have decent bucks but I have never killed a Trophy Buck.

  126. My dad and me live in Arkansas and have only had the chance to hunt public land so far, we’ve killed good ones, but no “Giants”. My dad is 44 and is a Little rock police officer and would love to have the opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail.

  127. My manager from work has since retired. He was the coolest, most easygoing guy that would do anything for anyone. He would be deserving to go on this hunt if we won it. And if we don’t win, good luck to who does.

  128. Would love to win this hunt for me and my brother that is my best friend, teddy moon. Thanks for the opportunity for my brother and I we would be so excited. There again thanks. And also some monster buck y’all have on cam.

  129. My 8 year old daughters have really gotten into hunting this year. Being able to share an opportunity like this with them would make for a lifetime of memories and happiness.

  130. I hunt with my daughter n we don’t have very good luck finding a place to hunt or finding bucks.I would love to take her while I’m still able to. I’m 66 n she is 30. We would use whatever weapon u want us to.

  131. Would like to take my best friend Steven went hunting last weekend and I laid his gun to the side and forgot it and I really o him big time he hasn’t spoke to me in nicer a week I would like to bring him to make it up to him

  132. I would like to win a hunt just for the fact that I’ve never killed a deer except by hitting with truck,I hunt wma but don’t know too much about hunting and trying to learn so kind of a hard place to start!

  133. I’ve been hunting now for about 14 I’ve killed the average eight points and 10 points it is a dream of mine to kill a 150 class or better buck but I recently had open heart surgery in June. To win a trip like this you mean the world to me right now is kind of hard to get back into it fans of a lot of stuff going on in my life but this right here would make a world of difference I would love to hunt one of your white tails thank you

  134. Would love to do this been on my bucket list for a long time would bring a good friend. He and I work our butts off but never seem to have enough after bills to to this so hope I would win to do it once in my life thank you

  135. Hello to the good people at heartland lodge. I have many reasons I would love to be able to hunt with your awesome ranch. My one main reason is because of my 13 year old son. He has battled dislexia for his entire childhood. This past school year he has worked harder than I probly ever could at his age to do good and pass his classes. I took my son on a trip to wyoming and had a great hunt with him. We were both successful but I can’t help but feel I owe him as much effort as he has givin his mother and I. I seen your hunt giveaway and thought maybe he might get the chance of a lifetime. Thank you for the oppertunity.

  136. Would love to win this hunt for my wife anne CHOOKAGIAN and I so we could hunt together like we used to years ago !! Would b amazin to hunt at this beautiful place !

  137. Whitetail Giveaway,I have a terminal disease and would love to take my son on one of these awesome hunts while I’m still In decent health and able to enjoy the hunt of a lifetime.

  138. I read all comments and you guys have a really tough job deciding who would get this opportunity.
    Anyway the reason i am entering for my husband (George) and our son (Chris) is that 6 years ago we lost our youngest son Cal to a accidental shooting where a firearm went off. It has been a rough road for all, my husband has been diagnosed with PTSD and struggles everyday but continues to be a greaT husband ,provider and now grandfather. My son who was stationed overseas at the time, had to manage his heartache without family. He is now home from Air Force and very proud of the young man he is; he has also became a dad last year to a son (Callen)who named after his brother. He works hard and is also a great dad.
    This is a short clip (the beginning of the snowball effect) of why I believe my two guys deserve a chance to do something as awesome as this together.

  139. The reason i am entering for my husband (George) and our son (Chris) is that 6 years ago we lost our youngest son Cal to a accidental shooting where a firearm went off. It has been a rough road for all, my husband has been diagnosed with PTSD and struggles everyday but continues to be a greaT husband ,provider and now grandfather. My son who was stationed overseas at the time, had to manage his heartache without family. He is now home from Air Force and very proud of the young man he is; he has also became a dad last year to a son (Callen)who named after his brother. He works hard and is also a great dad.
    This is a short clip (the beginning of the snowball effect) of why I believe my two guys deserve a chance to do something as awesome as this together.

  140. would like very much to surprise my husband, he is a extremely giving man and would never spend money on himself for a hunting trip. this is the type of guy he is —he got a spine injury training correctional cadets it left him paralized from the waist down after emergent surgery. the first day he came home from the hospital he was outside in his wheel chair slow pitching to a yard full of kids laughing with them and playing the doctors said he wouldnt ever walk again it took him almost 4 years of extreme therapy and he is walking. stubborn to say the least but in this case it served him well 125 miles per day travel to the city and back he didnt miss a day he is a Good man and this would definitely be a deserving person.

  141. I’m just an old country boy and will never have the money to do this we are just 2old southern boys from north Ga. Me and my brother would love to win this hunt.

  142. I’m know one special just a hard working man that losses his job of 23 years but thankfully to be working now. Through that stressful time in my life I found hunting and feel in love with it. Never shot a deer and maybe never will it’s hard down in South Florida. Be a great Christmas and New Year present.

  143. Would love to win this,I’m disabled,but love to hunt if I’d win I’d bring my granddaughter.she loves going with me every time I go into the woods even if it’s just to walk around and teach her about nature

  144. This would be a dream come true. My son, Mark, 6 years ago called one morning during deer season and said mom do you want to go hunting with me. Of course I said no because at the time I was in my 60s and I had never hunted before. He kept encouraging me and finally to shut him up I said ok. Well that was the best decision made. We had a blast and I am still hunting today. With or without him. This would be a nice THANK YOU.

  145. Whitetail giveaway I would take my brother in law Aaron Bates. We been hunting for a long time and never had a chance to kill a nice big buck. The deer around us not so big. We would enjoy this giveaway and would make a dream come true.

  146. My brother Luke and I have been hunting for many years on his land in S.Dansville NY.Late this year he was diagnosed with ALS,Lou garrigs disease, His time on this earth is gonna be short,He’s 58. He’loves to hunt, Gotten one spikehorn on his land quite afew years back, would like to see him bag a nice one before he leaves here. Thanks for listening, Glenn Mac.

  147. Love to take my Daughter it would be her first hunt and this would be such an exciting time. Thank you and happy new year. GOD BLESS.

  148. Certainly would love to win this trip. 74 years old and a hunt like this would be a once in a lifetime event.

  149. Just retired early due to injury received on the job,18 years in the Sheriffs dept,and loved every minute of it.It would be awesome and blessed to win a hunt like this.

  150. Love to win this hunt 70 years old hunted all my life, but slowly losing my sight. Had to quit hunting with recurve now crossbow.

  151. My dad and I have never hunted together. Now that he and I are getting up there in the age, I would love nothing more than to take him hunting for trophy deer. To hear of a GOD loving hunting outfitters, I have to check it out. Even if I don’t win I will be making the trip from New Orleans to Illinois to hunt!

  152. I have Parkinson I don’t how long I can hunt, but I would like to go on a hunt with you guys. Thanks and god bless

  153. I like to thank you for a opportunity for us to kill a big buck. Me and my dad live in Florida. I’am now sixty and my Dad’s 80. I like to see my dad get a big buck, before he unable to move around. He has killed his share of bucks. Unfortunately nothing over 140. They don’t grow bigger 120 to 125. Hunted Fort Steward GA. Deer about the same size. Thanks again Andy.

  154. my father has pass now,my wish is a really big buck, to be named after him ,miss him badly,taught me to hunt ,in love the outdoors

  155. @heartland lodge thank you for the amazing opportunity. I would love to win this hunt for my husband and myself. We are coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary, and I made him miss opening day the year we were married. He has been out of work for a while and this would give me the opportunity of a lifetime to give him an amazing anniversary gift and a pick me up.

    Good luck to everyone who entered!

  156. I have dreamed of planning a trip to heartland since I was like ten years old and I was diagnosed with brain cancer while I was attending college in Cleveland in 2011 and was told after my first surgery in which I was partially paralyzed that I would be lucky to live 6 months but after 2 months and and a couple more surgeries they tried to tell me I would never walk again but after 2 years in a wheelchair and a total of 7 brain surgeries and 2 other surgeries I walk okay with the help of a leg brace but still have limited use of my left arm but don’t plan to give up anytime soon but I’m still not quite able to get back out and hunt like I use to I live in WV and I use to spend all winter in the woods and every late summer and fall preparing for season. I would love to be chosen for your contest winner just for an opportunity to get a chance at a monster that you grow out there. I would love to be able to get back in shape to take one with a bow but I’m still working on my left hand and arm strength. So I would have to use a rifle but I would be willing to make an exception for a chance for one of your monster whitetails. Please grant me this opportunity.

  157. Odds are not in our favor to win but………………. like the saying “a chip and a chair” we gotta a chance. Got 2 sons I would bring so would need to pay for an xtra. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  158. I would love for my soon to be husband and I to have this chance this is my very first time ever hunting this would be so great to do something like this

  159. I started hunting at 12 years old learning from my grandpa. I picked up bow hunting on my own at about 16 years old and absolutely love it. I served in the United States Marine Corps for four years and honorable discharged in 2000. After my 4 years of service I picked up the bow again and in 2009 killed my biggest buck a nice 10 point. I was so proud of that mount. In 2012 two days before Christmas we had a house fire and lost everything. At that time your priorities change and you automatically go into a mode of doing everything you can to get back on your feet. We eventually did get back on our feet and now standing on solid ground, but I still have not killed another deer worth mounting and nothing even close to what I had and was so proud of. I would be so honored and thankful to have a opportunity to hunt at your Ranch and put a mount back on my wall I could be proud of.
    Thanks and Semper Fi


  161. If I were drawn, and it was possible, I would give it to my son so he could take his son. I would go to, on my own dime. Thank you for the chance.

  162. This would be awesome. I’ve only shot one buck in my life and it got stolen before I made it to him. I back out to let him lay and came back to a pile guts and no deer.

  163. This sounds like a once in a lifetime time deal! My fiancé and I are getting married next October and would love to honeymoon here!

  164. This would be a great trip for to Small town Boys from Mississippi to Experience a trip with a chance to put tw trophies on the wall ( two Brothers for Ever)

  165. Would love this trip with my son, we haves hunted for many years, but this might be my last , 73 and son 50. Never been on a hunt like this together, thank you

  166. I’ve always wanted to hunt this Fantastic Place.
    Would love to take Bobby Phillips my Friend that thought me how to hunt.
    It would be a hunt or a lifetime.
    Thanks for considering me
    Chris Long

  167. I have dreamed of giving my husband a great hunt for whitetail deer. We raised our kids hunting and now we enjoy our times together hunting at our club in Alabama. It would be a dream come true to surprise him with this amazing hunting opportunity we have always talked about. He is such a hard worker and provider, he deserves it so much.

  168. f irst of all i would definitely have JESUS with me and then My Son Austin Cummings. He likes to Deer hunt and myself .

  169. I’ve never been on a true hunting trip such as your offering it wood be a life long dream to join you and your crew. P/S Thank you

  170. Wow I Just read what many people have written they deserve it more than me I would be happy to be a tag along to see there dreams come true Good Luck To the lucky winner

  171. Love to go on a hunt with my son I have been sick with 3strokes year after year just love to get back in the woods with my boy

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