Snow Goose & Upland Combo Hunt!

Enjoy some fast action on a snow goose and upland combo hunt!  There are NO LIMITS, NO PLUGS, massive decoy spreads, comfortable blinds, hot breakfast and professional guides. You will enjoy hunting over agriculture fields that are looking great for this snow goose season!Snow goose hunting in illinois with outfitter

The best time to hunt snow geese is late February to early March. We have experienced great shooting in mid February and through the end of March as well. While weather is always a factor, when the geese are here, the slowest day of shooting we have had is 4 and the best day was 250! This can be one of the most exciting hunts you will ever experience!

After enjoying a great morning in the snow goose pit, you will return back to the lodge, have lunch then head out to the upland fields for some exciting pheasant and quail hunting. You will hunt behind some of the best trained pointing dogs and professional guides in the country! A special day in the field that you will remember for a lifetime.

Upland/snow goose combo huntsWhen you return from the upland fields, enjoy a homemade dinner. After dinner you can relax next to the fireplace reflecting back on some great memories created in the field. The lodging and meals are 5 stars, along with the hunting and the reason we are the only Orvis endorsed lodge in Illinois.

Please give us a call at 1-800-717-4868 or e-mail to reserve your spot.

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Single Hunters: For those that want to come solo we will be taking single hunters March 6th, & 7th, 2018. Single hunters will hunt with other single hunters this week.

Snow Goose / Upland Combo ( Feb 1 - Mar 31 )
Two Hunters Minimum: Four night, three day hunt$2,810/each
Two Hunters Minimum: Three night, two day hunt$1,910/each
Two Hunters Minimum: Two night, one day hunt$1,010/each
Solo Hunters contact us for single hunter dates.
Add $50/Day for Premium Upland Hunt or $100/Day for Double Premium Upland Hunt
* Includes guides, dogs, meals, accommodations, game cleaning, & packaging

Last Updated: January 27th, 2019

23 thoughts on “Snow Goose & Upland Combo Hunt!

  1. Oh, also during the week is good if you have hunts for me. Note even though disable I can still get to where I need to go, even if I have to low craw.

    1. Yes, Tom we can accommodate up to 8 hunters. Please give me a call at 217-734-2526 and we will get you set up. Thanks! Gary

  2. I have some lower back problems. Is the snow goose hunting done from layout blinds? When is the best week in march to hunt the snows?

    1. I can remember times in early February when it is bitter cold, we would be covered in Canada’s and Specks and not see a snow goose, but later in the month shoot over a hundred! We keep this in mind and like to only book hunters in late February and early march to get on the best hunts!

  3. Hello,hope you’re doing well .
    I’m interesting about hunting geese so I need more information about your address please.

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