Snow Goose & Upland Combo Hunt!

Enjoy some fast action on a snow goose and upland combo hunt!  There are NO LIMITS, NO PLUGS, massive decoy spreads, comfortable blinds, hot breakfast and professional guides. You will enjoy hunting over agriculture fields that are looking great for this snow goose season!Snow goose hunting in illinois with outfitter

The best time to hunt snow geese is typically February 15th to March 25th.  While weather is always a factor, when the geese are here, the wingshooting action can be phenomenal! This can be one of the most exciting hunts you will ever experience!

Depending on our scheduling, you’ll either head to the snow goose blind or upland hunt in the morning. Come back to the lodge for a gourmet lunch, and head back out to the fields for your afternoon hunt.

Upland/snow goose combo huntsWhen you return from your evening hunt, enjoy a hearty supper. After dinner you can relax next to the fireplace reflecting back on some great memories created in the field. The lodging and meals are 5 stars, along with the hunting and the reason we are the only Orvis endorsed lodge in Illinois!

Please give us a call at 217-734-2526 or e-mail to reserve your spot.

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Snow Goose / Upland Combo ( Feb 15 - Mar 25 )
Two Hunters Minimum: Four night, three day hunt$3,260/each
Two Hunters Minimum: Three night, two day hunt$2,210/each
Two Hunters Minimum: Two night, one day hunt$1,160/each
Solo Hunters contact us for single hunter dates.
Add $50/Day for Premium Upland Hunt or $100/Day for Double Premium Upland Hunt
* Includes guides, dogs, meals, accommodations, game cleaning, & packaging

Last Updated: February 4th, 2022

7 thoughts on “Snow Goose & Upland Combo Hunt!

  1. I had asked before but did not get to follow through. If you still have any dates for September early hunts. If so Ill call and get more information. Can I come by myself and hunt as it is hard sometimes to coordinate with others to make a party. Wallace Sanders

  2. Three hunters 4 nights and 3 days hunting. What would be the rate. My self and son,and daughter. Also maybe my wife but sue is not a Hunter, just a watcher. Or hang out at the lodge.most likely only the 3 of us.whats the premiun upland hunt about?

  3. interested in hunting, however at this time would just be me. If you have other solo hunter(s) let me know dates available, thanks

    1. Hi Randy, we’re located in West Central Illinois. Our snow goose hunts take place along the Illinois and Mississippi River bottoms. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
      Thank you! 217-734-2526

  4. Interested in snow goose upland combo hunts would be for 2023 Jan Feb hunt.I am in south Texas gotta wait till deer seasons over.We are in our late sixties I would be the only one hunting would like to bring wife make mini vacation of it.Whats driving distance from San antonio TX area,thanks mark

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