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Snow goose hunting in illinois with outfitter

Enjoy some fast action on a snow goose and upland combo hunt!  There are NO LIMITS, NO PLUGS, massive decoy spreads, comfortable blinds, hot breakfast and professional guides. You will enjoy hunting over agriculture fields that are looking great for this snow goose season! The best time to hunt snow geese is typically February 15th to

Guided Catfishing Trips Available as well!

New for 2022 is our Cast and Blast Package! Experience the ultimate day outdoors with this upland/ fishing combo package! Enjoy our Orvis and Shooting Sportsman Endorsed upland hunting where you will hunt behind the finest bird dogs and guides in the country! After a gourmet lunch, you’ll head to the majestic Mississippi River in

Champion Bird Dogs

That time of the year has come when many folks think that the hunting season is over.  While this may be true for deer and duck hunters, it is not the case for Upland Bird Hunting at Heartland Lodge.  We had a busy fall and early winter season, and our hunting season will continue through

Shot sizes & loads for pheasants and quail

An In-Depth Look at Shot Sizes, Loads & Chokes for Pheasant & Quail Hunting A good deal of my experience comes from 55+ years of hunting quail and pheasants, mostly in Illinois, but more recently in other states and involving other species. Reloading experience comes from shooting skeet since 1985 and loading many 100’s of

early season wingshooting outfitter

September is an incredible time to experience the phenomenal wingshooting opportunities that Harpole’s Heartland Lodge has to offer. The first signs of fall tout its arrival as the gently rolling farmland around the lodge turns into a mosaic of beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. Our guides and dogs have conditioned and trained all summer for

deer hunting vacation

Deer Hunting All Inclusive Vacation Packages Heartland Lodge offers the best all-inclusive deer hunting vacation packages available throughout the Midwest. We offer 100% free range deer hunts that includes everything a hunter needs to make a great deer hunting trip. Our deer hunting vacation packages include all the meals, 5-star lodging, and transportation to and

gun hunting the post rut

Hunting the peak of the rut in Pike County, Illinois is at the top of most die-hard bowhunters wish-list! With a high deer density, good buck to doe ratio and sheer number of trophy whitetails in throughout the region, you never know what size of buck could be following a hot doe! It’s not unusual

Hunting trophy whitetails is one of the most challenging hunts in the world. You have heard a lot about Pike & Calhoun Counties being the premier spot to hunt these illusive animals. It’s our goal at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge to make sure your trip is everything you expect it to be. The following will make

shed hunting tips and tactics, where to look

The 2022 shed hunting season is just around the corner! Typically, in West-Central Illinois buck will begin shedding in Mid-January. Every once in a while, we’ll get a handful of bucks that shed earlier, even in Late-December. That’s usually the result of an injury from the rut, hunting wound or malnourishment when they shed really

Illinois Firearm Season Buck

Things To Know You must purchase your deer permit and licenses in advance. You need the following: Deer Tags (Firearm Hunters, please send a copy of your deer tags to if you have not done so already!) 5-Day Hunting License (You will need the full season hunting license if you are here for more