Seven Basic Habitats Quail Need

February 27th, 2011

Seven Basic Habitats Quail Need

 In today’s blog I thought I would write agbout the basice habitats wild quail need. With declining quail populations it important to know some basics about quail habitiat. Terry Abney

Nesting Area               

the preferred nesting area includes but not limited to a mix of erect grasses, forbs, and scattered shrubs or bushes at a moderate density and height.                            

Brood Area                  

In brood area, cover should be dominated by plants that are well spaced and have study stems and little vegetation near the ground.  Over head foliage must be dense enough to provide sufficient cover for chicks and adults protections from predators. 

Feeding Area

Spring and Summer:   Some weed seeds and plant greens are eaten. Insects being higher in protein are eaten and provide 80%-95% of a chick’s diet within the first few weeks.

Fall and Winter:           Perennial forbs, fruit bearing woody plants, grass seed, ponic, crab and foxtail grasses, the seed from oak and hickory trees and the left over grain from farm fields provide the largest portion of nutrition for quail.


Roosting Area             

Roosting in probably the only quail activity that does not require dense overhead cover. Research shows that quail use crop fields, grasslands and old fields for roosting.  Quail will roost on bare soil and vegetation litter such as old leaves, grass, etc.  They also prefer mid slope or lower elevation for roosting.


Escape Area                 

The escape area includes a thicket of trees, blackberry and other bushes, and vines.  Piles of brush, tree tops and heavily planted food plots also provide a good escape area.


Dusting Area               

Any bare soil or soil disturbance such as cattle paths, ant hills, watering holes, roads and trails is where you will see most quail dusting themselves.


Covey Headquarters   

This is the area that the quail will gather usually in mid day. Covey Headquarters can be in any of the above areas.

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