Mike Riley, Naperville IL

April 9th, 2012

I will be mailing in my survey shortly but I don’t think the survey does it justice.  First off, your lodge and grounds were beautiful.  Immaculate.  Second, you and your staff made us feel at home from the first phone call to the time we checked out.  Miss Wanda was just as nice as she could be and it was a pleasure to meet her.  Finally, Terry Abney worked his butt off.  That man is a keeper!  The hunting conditions really couldn’t have been worse – very warm for weeks heading into our hunt and warm and windy when we were there.  I felt bad for the dogs!  It was very hard to pick up a scent and I thought they were going to have a heart attack  zig- sagging all over those fields in the heat.  Later in the afternoon, Terry used the dogs sparingly and turned himself into a guide dog, spotting and flushing birds.  (Now, imagine Terry – a man of substance – doing his version of pointing and flushing!)  The bottom line: we had a blast AND we still got our share of birds.  Wouldn’t have traded it.  As we talked about at breakfast, hunting is so much more than live target shooting and there’s no replacing that time and experience I had with my son.  Terry played a big role in making sure that experience was a life memory.  Not too much we can say other than thank you.  In fact, the whole staff – cooks, servers, housekeepers – you really have created a special retreat. 

We will be back.  I have to plan the next outing.  Maybe a Fall turkey hunt but I’ll have to plan for that yet.  I’m definitely making the spring break upland hunt a family tradition with you.

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