Shed Hunting Illinois 2019- Finding the First Sheds of the Year

Shed hunting in illinois 2019The 2019 shed hunting season is here in Illinois and several thousand antlers have hit the ground! Unfortunately, with the snow and ice storms we’ve received here earlier in the winter in West-Central Illinois, the majority of the woods was snow covered for an extended period of time making shed hunters anxiously wait for warmer temperatures. However, the snow does have its benefits for shed hunters..

Deep snow isolates deer into smaller pockets and makes for more predictable deer movement, thus more predictable shed hunting. Whitetails will travel less when there is more snow on the ground traveling from bedding to food source. Southern exposures with thermal cover adjacent to a primary feed source will be a great spot to start your search for the first sheds of the year.

2019 Shed Hunting Illinois-March Update

I would say approximately 80-90% of bucks in the Pike/Calhoun Counties have shed both sides of their antlers. Driving around and glassing in the evenings, I’ve noticed deer have been hitting cut pastures, corn, and bean fields routinely. The extended forecast here in Illinois looks great for shed hunters milder temperatures return with no chances of snow in the extended outlook.

2019 shed hunting season in illinoisIf you’ve already search your core areas once, I wouldn’t be afraid to go over them again. Walk the opposite direction you did last time. You might be surprised on what might pop out at you! Shed hunting during this time of year can be challenging but by searching in the right places, it can still be fruitful.. for more information and tips on shed hunting in Illinois in March and April, read my blog on Late Season Shed Hunting Here>>

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Last Updated: March 16th, 2019

6 thoughts on “Shed Hunting Illinois 2019- Finding the First Sheds of the Year

  1. Me and my wife are avid shed hunters and is a hobby we both enjoy. Are there areas outside of the 950 acres of atv trail that are available for looking for antlers? We are looking at coming over sometime in the next 3 weeks. Thank you.

    1. Josh, Currently all the shed hunting is done on the main lodge property and the ATV park. No other properties are available for shed hunting.

  2. Me and my girlfriend are staying at the lodge at the end of December and we love the outdoors and we both love to shed hunt and its never too early to start looking! i was wondering if you guys have only certain areas that we can look on the property for sheds?

    1. Hi Tim,
      At that time the entire State ATV Park will be open to shed hunting. Looking forward to having you guys come stay with us! Thanks

    1. Hi Steven, all you have to do is book an overnight reservation at the lodge. You can give us a call at 217-734-2526 or you can book online. Thanks!

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