Shed Hunting Illinois 2021 Update

Shed Hunting 2021 in IllinoisThe 2021 shed hunting season is kicking off in Illinois! We have just a handful of bucks across our properties in Pike and Calhoun Counties that have shed one side and have only seen a handful that have already shed both sides. Over the next several weeks, bucks will begin shedding in our area. With a very mild fall and winter this year, it’s looking to be an “average” shedding season. After Valentine’s Day is when most shed hunters in our area begin to really put miles on the ground searching for antlers, that is if there’s not much snow on the ground..

2021 Shed Hunting Illinois/ January Update

I would say approximately 25-35% of bucks in the Pike/Calhoun Counties have started shedding. Driving around and glassing in the evenings, I’ve noticed whitetails are still hitting harvested corn and bean fields routinely. We have a few inches of snow on the ground in our area with more forecasted after this weekend. The extended forecast looks to bring more extremely cold air for the next 7-10 days. This should really concentrate whitetails close to quality food sources as the temperatures and snow pile on, deer will be trying to preserve as much warmth and energy as possible.

2021 Shed Hunting in IllinoisThis is one of my favorite times to move trail cameras on high quality late season food sources to help monitor particular bucks movements to help gain an edge on finding their sheds later this winter. I like to place them in easy to access/ check areas to help keep the deer as undisturbed as possible. It’s just a waiting game now before you find the first shed of 2021!

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Last Updated: February 10th, 2021

9 thoughts on “Shed Hunting Illinois 2021 Update

    1. Awesome David, it seems like they are really starting to shed in our area, looking forward to what the next few weeks will have in store! Good luck!

    1. Hi Josh, check out our other shed hunting blogs by clicking on the links at the bottom of this article. We have several on tips to help you out! Thanks.

  1. Been looking every weekend in Ogle county haven’t found one shed! Lots of deer sign and many bucks on this farm.. don’t get it??

  2. My tips are the ones everybody goes by.fence rows,deer beds , game trails,creek beds.any where that a deer has to jump over something.downed trees.these are all good areas to look.but you never know where they may be.i like to start early march till mid april.but have found them late dec.good luck to you all.

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