Matt Moore

October 17th, 2006

Hey Gary I just wanted to Thank You and let you know you have a great place and staff. I have never felt more welcomed. I am thankful that I had the chance to experience hunting in the notorious Pike county, but to do it at a lodge like yours made it that much better. I couldn't believe the number of deer seen even in the 90 degree weather. I can't imagine having perfect weather conditions. This trip, even though unsuccessful, made my hunting season. To experience the deer, or a 170 inch deer, like I did will be a memory and tale for a lifetime. You have a top notch facility and I sure do miss the evening meals. I only talked to few of my buddies while I was up there and before I got home everyone knew that I had missed a monster. One of my friends heard that I killed a state record and just wasn't going to tell because I didn't want the publicity. Rumors travel fast. Anyways, we have been talking about a return trip next year. I had a great time and so did Janae. We made several friends not only with you and your staff but with some of the other guest. This was an awesome Honeymoon and a trip of a lifetime. Thanks once again. Have a great hunting season and keep in touch. May God bless you and your business.

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