One More Year?

To shoot or pass a buck weighs on many whitetail hunters’ minds each season. The looming question “what will he be next year?” might be squandering in your head when an opportunity at a buck presents itself. For years hunters have tried to justify there deer as “trophies” because of the number of inches of antlers, how much it weighs, or the bucks age. Defining what a “trophy” buck is, is a completely different discussion and has multiple variables and perspectives that come into play.

However, if your like me and the majority of the whitetail hunters out there, you would rather hunt bigger more mature deer and the question “what would he be like next year” relays in your head often. Here’s a few examples of what can happen if you let him go just one more year..

-Zach Jumps  



Last Updated: August 28th, 2017

2 thoughts on “One More Year?

  1. Yes! It does take a lot for a typical 8 to score 140″ though.. One of our hunters last year actually harvested a 143″ eight!

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