Time To Curl Up With a Good Read!

It’s Friday afternoon and as I sit at the computer writing this blog, the weather is just plain dreary.  It’s overcast and the wind is howling {in our neck of the woods, it’s really howling!}  So what would be better to do on a day like today than to curl up in front of a cozy fire and read? Hmmm!

Illinois cabins with reading nookAre you an avid reader who always has something to read?  It could be the latest novel, the magazine you grabbed off the local newsstand or the daily paper – delivered right to your door.  Do your reading habits fall into the more occasional class – picking up a book when a friend recommends it or grabbing that magazine because of an interesting article?  Or is your reading limited to only those things required to get you through the day?

Now I will admit that I used to be somewhere in-between the occasional reader and someone who read only to get through the day.  Not that I didn’t own a shelf full of books that I had accumulated throughout the years when I DID read.  But life happened – and my focus on reading – whether for enjoyment or otherwise – always seemed to be low on my priority list.  And when I did read, it was the Sunday paper, our weekly local paper, or my favorite magazines.  Can anyone relate?

So, for New Year’s 2011, I made a resolution {goal, lifestyle change, etc. – whatever you want to call it}.  I committed to reading one book each month.  That’s it!  Just one book a month (or 12 books for the year).  Well, I did that and more – completing 16 books last year!  I was so proud of myself that I decided to continue on with this lifestyle change – I am now on my fourth book for 2012 and have a basketful of books by the bed just waiting to be read.  For the first time in a long time, I am truly enjoying the pleasure of reading and have read some incredible books.

Great place to read a book!Now, imagine that you have scheduled a getaway at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge.  Whether you are part of the techno group that love their eReader, or are like me and still prefer the actual book in your hands, grab your reading material and settle in at the lodge for a quiet afternoon of reading – pure delight on a day like today.  Imagine – a cozy, warm fire and a comfy chair – perfect!  Forget your reading material?  Don’t worry – the lodge has a great little library of its own full of biography’s, self-help books, novels and more.  And there are always baskets of  magazines floating around!

Whether you are traveling with your family and need a little quiet time – or you are traveling solo for a little R & R – the lodge is a great place to catch up on your reading.  And it isn’t just for reading on the blustery days of winter – the decks are equipped with Adirondack chairs and Amish-crafted rocking chairs – perfect for reading while surrounded by the calming setting of nature’s own backyard.

Lori Biehl

Last Updated: August 20th, 2019

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