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Finding Match Sets of Shed Deer Antlers

Numerous factors lead to when a buck sheds its antlers. Stress related to weather is one of them. This year, here in West-Central Illinois, we’ve hardly had any snow, and other than a few short days of extreme cold, this winter has been pretty mild. We had a cold snap the beginning of January, and

My past dog training experiences have proved that most dog problems are manmade. Gun shyness is one of them. In fact I have seen and heard of several such instances on how to break a dog of gun shyness. But I have been tough the best way to introduce gunf

Snow goose hunting in illinois with outfitter

Once again Punxsutawney Phil has gazed upon his own shadow and cursed us with 6 more weeks of winter. And in the Midwest, it is evident that this is very true. The extended forecast shows a wintery mixture of snow, ice and cold, cold, cold! All this of course…Is not what a snow goose hunter

Want to find more whitetail sheds? Here are 7 quick tips to help you find more shed antlers this spring… Find the Food. Food is the name of the game in finding deer sheds. If you don’t have a quality late season food source you probably won’t find many sheds. Standing beans or corn will

Finding that match set of shed antlers

Finding a match set of sheds can be a difficult task to say the least. Bucks can be one sided for multiple days allowing them to drop their antlers literally miles apart. However, the majority of bucks if left undisturbed, will stay within a distinguished late season pattern as long as cover and a quality

basic coyote calling tips and coyote decoy set up

Now’s a great time to get out and do some coyote calling. Getting access to coyote hunting ground is relatively easy and provides a great way to spend time with friends and family. Here are some basic tips to get you started.. Wind Direction and Coyote Calling Coyotes tend to come in downwind, or at

Will your grandchildren hunt?
This is not only a question for the grandparents of today but for the next 2 generations that will be grandparents in say, 40 years. Think back to when our forefathers came to this part of the country and to what it must h

BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! MAJOR COLD FRONT COMING Hunters get ready! That cold we have been waiting on is coming all at once! A winter storm system is sweeping out of the northwest and is headed towards our neck of the woods. A plunge of at least 30 degrees is supposed to happen overnight. From

The 2017 Waterfowl season is in full swing and so is the weather! A huge cold front pushed down right at the beginning of season bringing new birds in with it, filling up the local refuges. Swan Lake, a refuge just a few miles south of our fields, was holding a record number of 370,000

There’s something magical about the ending of summer and beginning of fall. A feeling of cooler temps, a smell in the air and the showing of autumn color in the trees all puts our mind to different activities. Long forgotten are the beaches and pool side activities when the leaves begin to fall. Our mind