Prepare Now For Turkey Season

Preparing for turkey seasonWhether you’ve been hunting the same farm for multiple years or it’s your first go around on the property, now is a great time to fine tune multiple ambush set ups for the upcoming turkey season. The goal is to have several pre-determined set up locations where you have a good vantage point for yourself and your decoys, and adequate break-up cover. Your odds for success will sky rocket if you have a plan of action instead of just rolling the dice with your run and gun set up. Here’s a few examples of your textbook set ups.

Hardwoods Ridge Runner

The ideal spot in the hardwoods is an area where it’s relatively open terrain. A logging road that follows a ridge top is a classic spot. Turkeys are similar to deer in the fact that they will take the easiest path from point A to point B. Logging roads are usually clear of cumbersome debris and toms will readily use them to strut their stuff. Clear out any fallen logs or brush on a logging road that runs the length of a ravine in both directions of your setup. Try to pick a tree broader than your shoulders 15-20 yards off the logging road where you would have a clear view of your decoys and your set. For an added bonus, you can throw some clover on open areas of the logging road to encourage use. Now is the perfect time to frost seed clover!

Field EdgeTurkey Hunting field edges

A common problem when hunting over open fields is finding a good spot to set up with quality cover and a good vantage point of the surrounding area. If it’s property I’ve hunted before I’ll have a pretty good idea of where the turkeys will generally travel to and can make a blind or pop up a blind before season and be set. But if it’s my first go around, I always like to find a spot where I can kind of see what’s going on and try to find a natural pinch point or travel corridor of any kind where turkeys will naturally funnel through. I personally like to construct homemade blinds out of natural material. It blends in better and you have a better field of view.

Plant It and They Will Come

It’s no secret turkeys love clover. In my eyes, there’s no better food plot for holding wild turkeys on your property. The nice thing is you don’t necessarily have to have a 3-acre lush clover plot to attract turkeys. Small 1/2 acre plots can work just as well. In fact, bigger plots can be harder to hunt if you have other competition (hens). Now is a great time to frost seed clover into the ground. All you need is bare dirt, sunlight, and mother nature will do the rest!

Trail Cameras

Turkey on trail camerasThey are a silent birds worst enemy. Trail cameras can lend a great hand on scouting turkeys for the upcoming season. If you have multiple cameras set out they can really help you pinpoint a turkey’s travel routes. Sometimes turkeys will become extremely predictable coming off the roost. I focus on logging roads, food plots, and open areas where you’ll find toms on the lookout for hens.

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Last Updated: February 17th, 2020

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