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Crossbow Deer Hunting in Illinois Laws 2020 Crossbow whitetail hunting in Illinois is legal throughout the entire archery season regardless of age or physical ability. What affect will this have on the deer population and hunting in the state? We’ll touch on that in a moment but for now lets look at the pros and

Tree stand safety and maintenance is one of the most important and overlooked procedures on getting ready for the hunting season. Like getting your bow properly tuned and sighted in to getting clothing scent free and ready for season tree stands need to b

Pre Rut Whitetail Hunting Using Calls & Deer Decoys Hunting whitetails during the pre rut can be a great time to get a shot at a mature deer. Couple the right weather conditions, a little scrape monitoring, a good food source, and you can have a successful pre rut whitetail hunt. Monitoring social scrapes during

Tips for Using Trail Cameras for Whitetail Hunting Who doesn’t love trail cameras? They are relatively easy to operate, place, and check. They “scout” for you and keep your confidence up in your otherwise slow tree stand locations. Every one of the bucks that I’ve killed in the last 5 years has been captured on

Thickets provide quality food and security for mature bucks. Especially in the Midwest, thickets consist of quality browse food sources such as dogwood, honeysuckle, and green briar. Hunting a thicket, commonly used as a bedding area can be extremely tough mainly due to location of the thicket, wind thermals, access route to stand, and finding

Shed season to the most avid shed hunters has an early, middle, and late season. And each has its own unique strategy. Unfortunately, we are entering the latter end of the season here in Illinois. We’re at our peak hiking levels; most of us are probably in the best shape we will be in all

Shed Hunting

  Compared to last year’s extremely mild winter with several days of above average temperatures and hardly any snow in West Central Illinois, so far, this year has been a little different. Several days of below freezing temperatures, and several days of temperatures struggling to even hit double digits, along with accumulative snowfall, will set

Ask any hunter about their favorite treestand location, whether they refer to it as their “A” stand, honey hole, assassin, slaughter knob, ect, there’s a special place in every whitetail hunters head that they daydream about year around. Waiting for that special week or even day they can slip into their “A” stand knowing that

Glassing for summer whitetails in the midwest

Food plots have taken all the luster of todays whitetail hunting era. Food plots undoubtedly help in attracting and holding deer, but few people realize the potential a small thicket can create for a phenomenal treestand location. The cover and food that a thicket creates will hold and attract mature whitetails season after season. Right

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It was day 5, and after a long week of bowhunting hard, Dennis was making his long, uphill trek to a secluded beanfield where he had already made three long sits without any sightings of the buck he was after. A mature, main frame eight point nicknamed “Hank”. Hank was consistently popping up on trail

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