Pike County, IL Top Vacation Ideas

Enjoy the scenic county that Harpole’s Heartland Lodge is located in. Step back in time and enjoy our simple lifestyle. Pike County is rich in Abraham Lincoln tradition along with the historic New Philadelphia Site. Enjoy some great shopping, the local winery or just soak up all the natural beauty the county has to offer. “Enjoy our simple lifestyle and stay awhile.”

Abe Lincoln’s Talking House Tour (More history on Lincoln in Pike County, IL)

Simply tune your radio to the station listed on the house marker and begin the self-guided tour of eleven homes with Abraham Lincoln significance in Pittsfield. The first home on the tour is at the northeast corner of West and Washington Streets. A yard plaque marks each home, depicting its history with Lincoln. The county also features Lincoln Wayside Exhibits. For a copy of the self-guided brochure or more info on the Wayside Exhibits, visit the Pike County Visitors Center at 224 West Washington in Pittsfield or call 217-285-4484.

Historic East School – Located in Pittsfield, and built in 1861-1866, this was the first public school in Pittsfield serving grades 1-12. Now the school is a museum holding memorabilia from over the years in Pike County.

Finley Hotel – The 1850’s hotel that Abraham Lincoln visited is still standing.

For more information on Lincoln in Pike County, IL, including the Lincoln Days Civil War Reenactment, go to http://www.pikelincoln.com/.

New Philadelphia/Free Frank McWorter (More history on New Philadelphia)

The New Philadelphia site is famous in American History. The New Philadelphia site was the first town in the United States to be settled by a freed African American, thus becoming a popular location for the Underground Railroad.

Pike County Courthouse

This is a sight to see and is one of the 10 most beautiful courthouses in Illinois. It was built in 1894 and inside, there is a picture of Abraham Lincoln in Pittsfield taken in 1858.

Twin Culverts

This is a personal favorite of the owners of Harpole’s Heartland Lodge. These culverts are located in the quiet city of Pearl (about 15 minutes away.) The culverts are made out of limestone and people can even drive through them. They were built through the hills on the remote country road for cars to pass “through the hill” instead of over it!

Pittsfield Lake – A Hidden Jewel!

You can take a lunch and go for a beautiful picnic; this lake is even great for fishing. Enjoy this 200-acre lake surrounded by 480 acres of recreational land that the public can use. This lake has great crappie fishing in the spring and is also stocked with Bass, Bluegill, Walleye, and Stripers. www.pittsfieldil.org/community/pittsfield-city-lake

Antiques & Collectibles

Enjoy a scenic drive through Pike County, IL and stop at the many antique stores, flea markets and collectibles shops. Also right across the river in Pike County, MO (less than 30 minutes away), there are many more stores.


Pike County, IL has a great winery. Be sure and stop by Hopewell Winery & Restaurant for wine tastings and other special events. https://www.hopewellwinery.com/

Mighty Mississippi River

Enjoy the scenic and historic river that borders the entire western side of Pike County. One of our favorite spots is the Lock and Damn that stretches across to Clarksville, Missouri. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy the view at the dam and in the fall, it’s a great spot to view Bald Eagles. https://www.greatriverroad.com/hills-attractions/lock-dam-24. You can also take a drive across the river to our neighbors in Pike County, MO.

Pittsfield Historic Walking Tour

Pittsfield was established in 1833 and has enjoyed a long and colorful history. Much of the central part of Pittsfield is listed as an Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places. We invite you to catch a glimpse of some of our past on this self-guided tour. Be sure to check out the newly refurbished William Watson Hotel on the south side of the square and the new Lincoln Wayside exhibit on the southwest corner of the Courthouse Square. The walking tour brochure is available at the Pike County Visitor Center or call 217-285-1817.

Please contact each location directly to check on hours of operation and directions.