Late Winter at the Lodge

Last week a blue sky & warm day graced the lodge with temps reaching 60 degrees. I tried to pretend the weatherman was wrong and that we wouldn’t see freezing temps the following day, but much to my dismay I had to grab my winter coat as I went out the door the next morning. Today has seen gray skies and a cold drizzle, but I’m holding on to hope that the next “spring like” day is just ahead.

Though we are still seeing a few chilly days, it hasn’t stopped our guests from enjoying the activities here at the Lodge. This past weekend we had a group of guests who bought out one of our lodges. They rolled in with their trailers full of ATVs to hit the trails. This being their 11th year for a trip to the lodge, they wouldn’t let the lagging winter weather keep them from the trails. We have similar groups lined up for the coming weeks…all ready to ride come rain or shine. My hope is spring decides to check in at the lodge before they do.

The horseback riding will soon be starting for the season! When the ground dries up and the weather is good for a trail ride, the horses will be doing what they do best, taking our guests on a tour of our scenic countryside. They’ve spent their winter days catching the few sun rays that would break through the clouds and begging for the attention from guests over the barnyard fence, but they will be back on the trails any day now!

A great activity that you may not be aware of yet and brings guests from states away this time of year is shed hunting. You may be asking “what is shed hunting?” Let me share this with you! The whitetail deer, native to this area, naturally shed their antlers each year before growing a new set in the spring. This leads to a fun treasure hunt for anyone who loves the outdoors! You can usually find these beauties in February or March, and they are found anywhere that “the deer and the antelope play”. They are often found in the timber around the lodge. Just grab a map of the trails from the hostess and head out. Even if you don’t find a shed, you will walk back to the lodge feeling refreshed after your nature hike!

Of course, if you’re looking for an indoor hideaway to just getaway and relax, it’s a great time of year to cozy up to one of our fireplaces or play a game of pool in the recreational room. You can also step out onto the deck and enjoy a few moments in the early spring weather! Our home cooked suppers are a great way to end an evening and our brunches are the best this side of the Mississippi!

There’s no doubt we are all looking forward to spring weather here at the lodge, but in the meantime the chilly days of late winter are bustling with activity! We’d love to see you at the lodge!

Julie Sealock

Last Updated: February 14th, 2023

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  1. I am looking to take my son of 13 years old ATV driving just to have a good time with him maybe a weekend deal at the lodge and I’m looking for a price on the lodge in renting in a TV for the weekend thank you

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