Scouting Illinois Whitetail in the Heat of the Summer

Bucks bedded by hale balesNo rain and in the  90’s along with triple digits on the thermometer through the end of May, June and July makes it’s tough to get out there and scout whitetails. The best way I have found to scout deer during hot summer months, is from the inside a truck with the air condition on high.

While driving around the farms in early July I found these very nice 2 year old laying not 30 yards off the road in the only shade they could find. I’m guessing they had watched 50 plus cars drive by that day and were probably noticed by only me. It was definitely a weird place for them to be laying up with the closest set of woods being 400 plus yards away. They were taking advantage of the shade from the bales with a food source right next to them. There was aslo a small pond 80 yards away.

Another good way to get some great picture this time of the year with the heat and virtually no rain at all is trail cameras by water. With all the puddles dried up and even some small ponds with nothing in them any type of water you can find is a perfect place for a trail camera or two.  Not only are watering holes a great place for trail cameras but tree stands as well. Dry summers mean a good chance at a dry hunting season so hanging stands next to watering sources are an easy way to fill tags with mature bucks early in the season.

Matt Brunet

Last Updated: July 5th, 2012

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