Whitetail Hunters Welcome Letter

IL hunting outfiiter Thank you for booking your whitetail hunt with us! I’m sure you are excited to hunt whitetails in Pike County, Illinois! I want your hunt to be everything you expect! I have learned from outfitting whitetails for over a quarter century, that expectations can vary greatly from one hunter to another. The information I am sharing in this series is the knowledge I have gathered from our hunters that will help provide you with the best possible experience at Heartland Lodge.

Expectations range from the hunter who is looking to enjoy time spent in the great outdoors to someone who hunts high fenced areas and is expecting a guarantee. Most hunters fall somewhere in-between. Pike County is famous for the quality of bucks that live here and that can cause inflated expectations. Hunting mature whitetails in Pike County is no different than hunting them where you are from. We just have a few more large bucks as our genetics, food and age structure are ideal.

When hunting free range whitetails, you take the risk of going home without a deer. If your idea of a successful trip solely depends on harvesting a deer, I recommend you book a high fenced hunt. It will better meet your expectations. If a high fenced hunt is not for you, the right expectations for a free-range whitetail hunt is the key in being successful.

Illinois Firearm Hunting I care about your experience with us and want your stay to be everything you expect. Please take a minute to read the information I provide. It is years’ worth of knowledge,  hunting for whitetails and enjoying a hunt of a lifetime regardless of the outcome.



Gary Harpole

Harpole’s Heartland Lodge


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Last Updated: January 20th, 2022

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  1. Jim Kiel will be hunting with Adam Bilbrey for a 6 day bow hunt
    Oct. 29th – Nov. 3rd.
    You should already have both emails now.
    Looking forward to meeting with you and hunting with you during the 2022 bow season!
    Thank You!

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