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Win a 3 night, 2 day romantic getaway* in one of our nicest romantic suites!  To register all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail on the Romantic Getaway Promotion (Click link to enter email & giveaway) option, and that’s it!!! Packages includes your choice of three different suites, meals, and romantic basket to enjoy in your room for two!

We giveaway a free romantic getaway* every year! The winner will be drawn on February 28, 2023 and will be picked from only the names that are entered this year.

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The winner can choose between one of our nicest suites in the amazing Sunset Valley Lodge.

The Grand View Suite

You will not find many rooms anywhere that are as luxurious and romantic as the Grand View Suite! This suite was featured in the Chicago Tribune’s “10 Great Hotel Rooms in the Midwest”. An ultra-comfy king-size bed faces glass windows and doors that provide an incredible view of the Mississippi River Valley and the Missouri hills. You will definitely want to make sure you are in your room as the sun goes down. The hardest decision is where do you want to enjoy the sunset from in your suite? Your private bath features a spacious two person shower and provides the same amazing view of the setting sun that you will find throughout your suite.

All About The View Suite

romantic getaway in illinois with a hot tub in a roomAll About the View is known for Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux staying in this suite. The room was also featured in the Chicago Tribune’s “10 Great Hotel Rooms in the Midwest”. This spacious romantic suite includes an ultra-comfy king-size bed and has a large two-person hot tub facing the spectacular view along with a private sitting area that overlooks the same amazing view. Both the sitting area and hot tub area each have their own walk-out balcony for you to enjoy.

Sunset View Suite

This large suite includes an ultra-comfy king-size bed and has a large two-person hot tub with a spectacular view of the river valley. Sunset View Suite was featured in the Chicago Tribune’s “10 Great Hotel Rooms in the Midwest”. A private All-Season room is attached to this suite where you can relax and enjoy the setting sun while wrapped in one of our spa robes. The king-size bed, heart-shaped hot tub and All-Season room have the same spectacular view as the rest of the lodge. This room has a large flat screen TV and Blue Ray player.

Click “Giveaway Signup” button below to enter!

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(Winner must have entered their email on the Romantic Getaway Promotion.  (Click the link to enter email & Giveaway option)


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*Package includes suite, meals for two, romantic basket (basket not included) hayride & bonfire (In season). Must be used Sunday through Thursday nights and not before a holiday. Expires August 31st, 2023

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Google, Bing or Facebook.*


Last Updated: February 28th, 2022

80 thoughts on “Romantic Getaway Giveaway Promotion!

  1. I think that this contest is a beautiful thing or should I say give away. Me and my fiance have done everything backwards. Cuz everybody else does the normal thing like get married buy a house have kids. We’re backwards we bought a motorcycle we but kittens we bought a home for going on her honeymoon and we’re getting married in September. So maybe I win this contest that would be nice too.

  2. I really need to win this. I have a man that I dont get to see often and this would be great for both of us!

  3. We’ll be married 20 years in August this year and never had a honeymoon. It was a 2nd marriage for both of us and together we had 5 kids. No time or money for a honeymoon, so this would be wonderful for us!

  4. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to comment or if I am. Just very interested in your Valentine giveaway. And one day I want to do girls retreat with my daughter.

  5. My favorte police officer needs a vacation… and me tooo… but more so this is for him and all the long hours i DON’T see him… would love to see him relax and someone worry about HIS needs for a change…

  6. We got married 6 months after I had my 1st Stroke. He has been amazing. We weren’t able to take a honeymoon.

  7. Would love to win this . We will be celebrating 34 years of being married this year & this would be an amazing getaway. Thank you for the chance to win this contest.

  8. We would to come on this trip omg this is like honeymoon we can have all over again the honeymoon we had we went to Vegas yeah i kn not really a romantic honeymoon trip but that where he wanna go But i would love this to be our romantic get away trip

  9. Beautiful Place. Our Anniversary is actually on February 28. 4 years this year. Our second marriage for both of us, we have a blended family together and never took the time out for us. This would be great for us to spend a romantic getaway together.

  10. My husband and I stayed here last summer for the first time to just get away from the world. It is a beautiful setting and fabulous food and the most friendly staff! Can’t wait to go back!

  11. This would be an awesome time! My husband and I have been married 17 and never had a honeymoon. We are both teachers and would love to just get away and enjoy just each other.

  12. This would be PERFECT for later this year after my hubbys chemo and transplant! Looks so relaxing! Good luck everyone, I’m sure it would be a blessing to all of us. Thank you for the opportunity!!❤️

  13. This would be great as me and my husband were 2008 and into blended family 4 of his 3 of mine and never got to honeymoon as we had his kids full time due to their mother not taking part in raising them, mine were with their dad off and on this would make a great get away since we haven’t did vacations or get aways due to financials of raising kids we now have 5 grand kids and constantly busy with them… we really need this get away…

  14. My husband and I have been married for 2 years. We would really like to win this getaway. We definitely need a getaway.

  15. My husband and I have had a stressful 9 months–some good and some bad, leaving us little time for ourselves. A few days away with time to relax would be most welcome. This looks like the perfect spot.

  16. Getting ready to marry the love of my life. We are 61 and 62.. This would be an awesome package for 2 people who finally found love after all these years. Thank you for the chance.. God Bless. Good Luck to the rest who signed up! Again, thank you!

  17. We love this place. I’d love another romantic getaway her with Jeff like we did for our 10 year anniversary 3 years ago

  18. This would be a dream come true, been married 40 years and cant ever get the time for ourselves, bless you for this chance, good luck to who ever wins!

  19. Would like to celebrate my 26th wedding anniversary.
    Would like spend some romantic time with my husband.

  20. This would be the way I could possibly get my husband to take me on a trip. I have been telling him about your lodge for a few years now since I found you online. He still hasn’t agreed to take me. Might just have to do a girls trip instead, LOL

  21. We have been married 25 years in July of this year and didn’t had a honeymoon. It was a 2nd marriage for both of us and together we had 3 kids. We haven’t had time or money for a honeymoon, so this would be wonderful for both of us!

  22. This is a great offer. Would love to win this drawing. Both my husband and I are disabled and would love a romantic getaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. My mom just passed away and my anniversary is coming up sept 24th. I know i wont feel like doing much but just getting away seems not bad at all n relaxing. This may help me n just what i need.

  24. I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast. We just got married April 26th 2019, we were looking for somewhere to go. This is perfect. Even though we did sign up for the giveaway even if we don’t win we are still going for our honeymoon. It looks beautiful and relaxing. I can’t wait to go. But if i do win by chance thank you in advanced.

  25. This getaway sounds like a dream come true. We may be seniors, but we still love romance. This looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy our life together. It is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Karon! We hope to see you at the lodge soon. If you have any questions about booking a romantic getaway let us know. Thank you! 217-734-2526

  26. What a perfect place to “find” our marriage again. We could really use this time, just us, no kids or distractions to fall in love, again.

  27. Love that we leave our shoes at the front door, just like at mommas house! I went to the girls weekend retreat a couple years ago and it was amazing. Been talking about this place to my fiance since then. What a treat it would be to go again!

  28. What an awesome way to start 2020. My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage on January 21. We almost didn’t make it to celebrate this day. I died of a widow maker heart attack. I was blessed with some great doctors who brought me back. Was in a coma for a couple of weeks. I’m getting stronger every day. This Anniversary is a big deal for us, this vacation is exactly what my doctor ordered. Beautiful place I would love to visit.

  29. This would be such an amazing getaway for a husband who loves the outdoors! It looks so relaxing and yet rustic. I would be honored!

  30. This would be an amazing place to spend our 20 year anniversary this summer. It looks so beautiful there. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Would love a weekend getaway with my husband. We never got to take a honeymoon due to just getting a foster daughter(adopted now).

  32. My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with you years ago! We would love to win a getaway package to come to your beautiful Heartland Lodge again! Maybe for our 36th anniversary in July?!🙂🙂

  33. All of the rooms look amazing! Would love to take my surprise my boyfriend with this! We both work so hard never have make time to getaway. This place looks so amazing and cozy.

  34. This give away looks so relaxing. Me and my husband has never had a honeymoon couldn’t afford it. We have 3 kids a dog. We had kids first, house then got married. We both work two jobs. So this is much needed.

  35. Looking into visiting this property. Trying to get our first alone getaway since getting married 5 years ago and adopting child with autism. Even if we don’t win I still want to visit this property it looks amazing and relaxing. Good luck everyone!

  36. We celebrate our 52nd anniversary this year. We spent an incredible weekend at the beautiful Heartland Lodge to celebrate our 35th.. Would love to return. It is an experience we will always treasure thanks to Wanda and the staff of Heartland. We are ready to return this fall.

  37. Fabulous place, great lodging, wonderfull food, we absolutely love this place, thank you so much.

  38. I have stayed here before and the lodge is so beautiful. I always talk to my fiancé on how we should escape here. I would love the opportunity to win something so amazing. A mini getaway and wine in a peaceful environment. We are ready!

  39. My fiancé and I met two weeks before the mandated lockdown in April 2020 and were engaged by July. After being cooped up as a new couple with combined three kids, we would LOVE the opportunity to GET AWAY. 😜

  40. Ive been looking at your website for a week trying to decide which lodge and suite or cabin to stay in. They all look beautiful! Planning to come end of August for our 45th anniversary. Can’t wait.

  41. What a generous thing for Heartland Lodge to do for someone. Since I just retired it would be a great way to start a new lifestyle with my wife of 38 years before she gets tired of seeing me everyday, a memory that will last forever

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