Heartland Wins Business of the Year!

We are very proud of our awesome team for being recognized as the Pike County Business of the Year! Heartland Lodge was among three finalists. The other two finalists are both excellent businesses and are both leaders in our community. We were blessed to be chosen as this year’s winner! The award was presented at the annual Pike County Illinois Chamber of Commerce dinner on March 22nd, 2018.

Winning this award would not have been possible without our amazing team. Our team consists of a group of great people who love what they do, love the guests they meet and the teammates that they work with.

This award strengthens our “Purpose” and motivates us to continue working for a cause greater than ourselves. Our Purpose is to help improve our community to be a better place to live, work and visit through exceptional hospitality and leadership.

Our purpose was in our seeds from the beginning, we just didn’t realize it. Heartland’s owner, Gary Harpole, lived next to his grandfather for a couple years before he passed. His grandfather would tell Gary stories of how Nebo IL (current population 330) was a thriving town back in the day with multiple banks, gas stations, grocery stores and a movie theater. About the same time, Gary was asked by Pike County economic development leaders what could be done to help our local economy. Gary answered, “Just like Colorado uses it’s mountains and Florida uses it’s beaches, we need to use our natural resources for tourism to help increase economic development”.  As a result of these two things, the idea of Heartland Lodge came about. Gary wanted to help revitalize Pike and Calhoun Counties like they were when his grandfather was raising his family.

Today, 23 years later, Heartland has become a preferred destination for people around the world. Its roots as a hunting lodge still stand strong. Heartland is one of the premier outfitters for whitetail, upland, waterfowl and turkey hunting in the world. The resort side of Heartland has grown and is a favorite destination for couples, families, and businesses who all enjoy the scenic beauty and rural country charm that it provides. Activities like ATV and horseback riding, sporting clays, hayrides & bonfires along with other activities and local attractions within a short drive make Heartland a perfect weekend or vacation destination.

Whether you are a guest looking to visit or someone wanting to join our team, you will be an important part of our “Purpose” in making our community a better place to live, work and visit.

Last Updated: March 26th, 2018

38 thoughts on “Heartland Wins Business of the Year!

  1. Having our 35 anniversary and want to book a hunting vacation.
    Have never had any luck seeing anything on other hunts that we have been on. I was hoping this would be different,my husband and I love to hunt and that’s how we met,he turned me on to hunting and I love it! I would really like for us to have a chance at a big Buck!

    1. Hi Robin, Thanks for your interest in hunting with us this year. I sent you an email but feel free to call us at 217-734-2526 to learn more about our hunts. Thanks!

    1. Hello Margarita, thanks for your interest in staying with us. It looks like we have openings that week.. We’ll send you an email. Thanks!

  2. My husband has hunted at Harpole’s for five years and this year, his sixth! I’ve come along and we stay in one of the suites. Great guides, wonderful food and Gary and Wanda (his mom) and the staff treat you like family. Looking forward to November 2018!

  3. I would love to bring my granddaughter ‘s horseback riding and would love some information about your lodge. They are 12 & 15. Both are novice riders but thoroughly enjoy riding. Could you please send me some information. They have a break coming the week of October 15th from school. My address is 111 Woodland Avenue, Riverton, Illinois 62561. Thank you.

  4. We are looking for a 2 or 3 day get-away in late October or early November. Please e-mail rates and availability. We are a married couple (48 years) who need a couple days to relax.

  5. I had an odd question. I wasn’t sure if you needed to know this. But I just signed my husband Ty Hayes out of Tallapoosa Ga . He’s a 30 year retired Major w Fulton County Police Department. And is starting a new career as Major w the City of South Fulton as of March this year. Beginning of April he was diagnosed w Multiple Myeloma Cancer and to make things worse he has Amaloid as well. He is getting better. It’s an extremely slow process.
    Our Dr is Dr Nooka with Emory in Atlanta. Just so you can verify. I do understand folks lie. Sad. But when it comes to that I’m a realist. I can also give you his Chiefs info.
    We’ve been together almost 17 years, married over 12. I still believe he is the most amazing man I’ve ever known. Has more integrity then 100 men put together.
    My question is this. If. If. He we do get this. He doesn’t have all the physical capabilities that he used to. He is starting physical therapy. But this has ALWAYS been a dream for him. That’s part of the reason we bought our property. It’s only 102 acres. But it’s our sanity and sanctuary.
    Is this something that y’all could handle? He does walk w a cane. For stability. My concern is a lot of walking. He’s not capable of it. You gotta think. He was SWAT Special opps narcotics. So this caught us off guard completely!
    Now by the time the hunt gets here it maybe totally different. I just wasn’t sure when it would take place.
    I’m sorry for the question. It’s just that he IS MY WORLD! I’d love for him to have his dream. Even if that means paying for it somehow.
    We’re hoping and praying that he can go into remission soon. If not. He has only about 5 years to live.
    You’re welcome to speak with his Drs. The pator, whoever. I’ll give you permission. I’ll even send you any info you need. I would just love to give him something like this. One way or the other. If that means paying for it. So be it. He will have his dream. One way or the other.

    Any help would be amazing!

    I’m his wife. ALana aka AJ
    My number is 404-567-1192
    Please don’t tell him. I’d like for this to be a surprise of a lifetime!

    Thank you!!

    ❤️AJ loves Ty💕

  6. I would love the opportunity to come hunt at the Heartland Lodge. I have been hunting for over 40 years on public land and have taken some nice deer however nothing like what you guys have there.

    Julio Vega

  7. Please give me some some information on Deer 🦌 hunt time and price
    What is the price two day hunt and hunting season and success presentage? You can contact me at 13168410195 or mail me at 1121 E 86th St S, Haysville Kansas 67060 Ronald whisman thank yo very much have a great year

  8. Please send us info on great view suite . We are celebrating our 30 anniversary and would like to come March 2nd

  9. I’m looking for a whitetail hunt and I’d like to do it with a rifle. I own Alaska Wilderness Outfitter here in Alaska and I can pay cash or I would trade a moose or bear hunt for a good whitetail hunt. Please let me know what you have available thank you

  10. I saw that you have acres to shed hunt..I was wondering if I could have some more information about that.

    Thanks in advanced!

    1. Hello Nicole! Yes we do have about 1,200 acres available for shed hunting. All you have to do is book an overnight reservation with us here at the lodge. To book a reservation, call 217-734-2526 or book online through our website. The best time to come and shed hunt is generally in Late January- March. Thank you!

  11. This looks perfect for a Mother/daughter weekend for my family. There would be 18 if all would come.

  12. I would like it if you could see me a brochure in the mail. Would like to have as much information as I can possibly get. I would appreciate it very much.

    Lori West
    204 E. Spruce St.
    Sikeston, MO 63801

    Thank you for your time.

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