Additional Things To Know – Upland Hunters


  • Blaze Orange Hat/Vest
    • You must have a solid blaze orange hat. Camouflage orange is NOT Legal. There can be a small logo on the front of the hat. We have solid orange hats available in our pro shop. We also recommend a blaze orange vest along with blaze orange shirts and jackets for maximum safety. Solid orange vests are also required during Illinois deer firearm seasons. These seasons are the weekend before Thanksgiving and the two weekends following Thanksgiving weekend (Fr-Sun, Wed-Sun, Fri-Sun).
  • Hunting Licenses
    • For Illinois residents an annual hunting license is normally the best option. For nonresidents a preserve license is the most affordable option. If hunting waterfowl a 5-day nonresident hunting license is required. Anyone born after 1980 needs a hunter safety number or they can purchase a one-time apprentice license. Licenses should be purchased before arriving and can do so online at Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
  • Reserve your gun rental in advance-
    • We charge $85 per day for gun rental. Please call us in advance if you would like to rent one of our guns.  217-734-2526
  • Rooms –
    • Unless you upgraded, your hunt includes two twin beds or bunk beds and a private bath. These rooms are smaller. Gear is normally stored outside the room. If room size is important, please make advance arrangements for a larger or private room.
  • Firearms are required to be in a case while traveling to and from the field. (Illinois Law)
  • Communication-
    • Tell us if something is wrong during your hunt. Do not hold it in. We want you to have the hunt you expected and can only help if you communicate with us.
  • Alcohol
    • Alcohol is not sold at the lodge, but you can bring it with you.
  • Smoking
    • If you smoke, please do not smoke around clothes or hunting gear other guests may have outside.
  • Boots-
    • We ask everyone to take their shoes or boots off in the mud rooms to help keep the hardwood floors clean and from being scuffed.
  • Meals
    • We serve meals at set times. To assure hot food and sitting with your group, you may want to arrive a couple minutes early.
    • Due to the nature of our business and taking a limited number of hunters, we cannot absorb the financial burden if you cancel after June 1st. This allows us to stay in business, keep our amazing staff and provide you with excellent service. Please purchase trip insurance to cover any possible financial loss.
    • We cannot transfer hunts as we will lose that limited spot and be filling another limited spot.
  • Please read over our FAQs>>






Last Updated: October 19th, 2023

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