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We give away a free Upland Hunt every year! The winner will be drawn on August 31st, 2024 and will be chosen from only the names that are entered within the last year.

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Your Upland Hunting Headquarters

shooting sportsman endorsed lodge Heartland Lodge has everything you need when it comes to wing-shooting. From the novice hunter to the most experienced wing-shooter, Heartland Lodge offers something for everyone.

  • Orvis Quality Fully Guided Pheasant & Quail Hunts
  • Self-Guided Upland Hunts & Dog Training Areas
  • Snow Goose Hunts
  • Waterfowl Hunts
  • Corporate Hunting Packages

Pheasant Hunts

Our guided pheasant hunts are the best you will find. Even though all of our properties have both pheasants and quail, some hold mostly pheasants. Hunting pheasants behind our pointing dogs can be an exciting experience!  We hunt along fence rows, food plots, and native prairie grasses. We manage our pheasant hunting properties to create a one-of-a-kind pheasant hunting experience!




Quail Hunts

Hunting wild quail in Illinois, especially in Pike County, has been a tradition that goes back for generations. The native prairie grasses of Illinois are ideal habitat for coveys of quail.

These same traditions continue on at Heartland Lodge. Many of the farms we quail hunt are just like “Uncle Lyle’s farm.” The farms still have the old fence rows, native grasses, and a mixture of food plots and grain fields. This prime habitat ensures that coveys of wild quail are scattered across all of our properties.


Snow Goose Hunts

Snow goose hunting along the Mississippi and Illinois river flyways can be some of the most exciting and action-packed snow goose hunts available!  There are no limits and no plugs! On our best day we harvested 250 snow geese!

You will hunt out of very comfortable heated, pit blinds. Our spread consists of several thousand decoys along with several electronic callers to bring in the snow geese. A hot breakfast will be served in the morning inside our blind. The professional guides, dogs, gourmet homecooked meals, and accommodations are all included in the price of our snow goose hunts!

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*Tags, licensing, transportation and gratuity is not included.

*Package includes 3-nights lodging, 2-days of hunting, meals, guides, dogs, game cleaning & packaging. Must be used Sunday through Thursday nights and not before a holiday. Expires March 1st, 2025. Cannot be used October 20th – December 15th, 2023.

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Last Updated: November 28th, 2023

151 thoughts on “Upland Hunt Giveaway 2024!

  1. My husband and I would love to have the opportunity to hunt at Heartland Lodge! Some couples go to the movies for a date,as for he and I we hunt!

  2. I have always want to go on a hunt like this my hole life it would be a dreama come true thats for sure thank you for a opportunity of a life time for me

  3. Would be amazing getting my wife out in the grass behind some dogs, since our season was cut extremly short due to the unexpected loss of her mother.

  4. I would love to take my dad as he is getting older and is knees and hips are bothering him and he has never been pheasant hunting before.

  5. Would love to win this hunt. We didn’t get a chance to have a honeymoon so this would be a perfect opportunity to get away.

  6. Started my hunting on pheasant when I turned 12 with my father, wished he was still with us today if I was to win this. But would love to take my grandson on this if I won.

  7. At 75 years of age would like a great hunt to remember. Would really appreciate tge experience. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. My brother and I bought our first bird dog. German short hair, we would love for his first hunt to be with us at Heartland Lodge. Thank you

  9. I moved to Florida about 35 years ago and
    miss the hunting I had back home in Iowa would love to experience it one last time before they put me in the grave thank you for the opportunity to try to win this hunt

  10. Upland Giveaway. My husband introduced my son to hunting just after we were married at a Pheasants Forever youth hunt. At age 10 he bonded with him by sharing his love of the outdoors and he’s been hooked ever since. They have always dreamed of going on a hunt like this. We’ll definitely come by at Pheasant Fest!!!

  11. Would love to win this trip. Make 3 to 4 wild bird hunts a year would like to find a place closer to Home. ND 18 hours and Kansas 12 hours Heartland 5 hour drive. Still may try to make a trip this year.

  12. I would love to take Caleb Montag on this hunting trip. Mainly because he would drive and pay for all of the extras needed. Lol.

  13. I would love to win this hunt and possibly bring my new pup and see how she does?
    Awesome giveaway fingers crossed

  14. Just let me lay with the dogs. Trained labs til my health went south. Love dogs and bird hunting with orthers who feeel the same. Instant bonding, Thanks for the chance !

  15. 77 years old have hunted Oklahoma,Kansas,Texas and So Dakota for 60 years but never Illinois.would love to add Illinois to the list Also hunted Missouri

  16. Sure would appreciate the opportunity to hunt my English setter(Max) with my brother& his English Setter. Not many grouse & no quail to hunt in the Mountains of North Carolina.

  17. This would be an awesome time with my wife. We just got our first English Pointer which has us interested in upland hunting. Thanks for the chance to win a great trip.

  18. Very excited to enter this hunt drawing, just celebrated 50 years with my bride and she loves to hunt. We have hog, and deer hunted but she has yet to kill a bird in flight. If I win the hunt we will spend time at sporting clays. keep looking up Doug Griswold

  19. nothing like an early morning breakfast then out to the field to hunt. My father started me off when i was six. We hunted in Southern Illinois around Mattoon. There were a lot of wild birds back then.I belong to Pheasants Forever and try to help with there efforts to reestablish habitat. I am seventy one this year a veteran and would love to invite my grandson if i win to keep the hunting heritage going in my family.

  20. This would be a dream come true for me since Chronic Lyme disease has taken my outdoor life/world away 3 years ago from a deer tick while setting up for the whitetail deer season here in NC. And because of this, I lose energy so fast it restricts me close to home or Dr’s. Truly a dream for me to get into the nature once again. Thank you much!!

  21. Spent the last 19 years in the service, missed a lot of those years walking the fields with my father chasing birds! Thank you for even offering this opportunity to folks out there!

  22. Just taught my 11 year old grandson how to shoot clays. He went right to shooting barn pigeons. It would be an experience he would never forget. I am 73, neither would I

  23. I’m a retired disabled enlisted veteran. I can’t afford to pay for a hunt like these. I’ve never been on a guided hunt. I would love to win a hunt like this.

  24. I would love the opportunity to upland hunt at Harpole’s Heartland. I have always wanted to go pheasant hunting, but where I’m from we don’t have pheasants or snow geese. From what I’ve read and seen on your website, there’s no doubt everything is top notch at Harpole’s Heartland. Thanks for allowing everyone the chance to enter. Have a blessed and safe year hunting.

  25. Spending all my time creating and breeding then training up and navhda testing my versatile GSPs…..now it is time to take then and see what they can really do on upland and waterfowl….
    We would be thrilled w the opportunity to reap the rewards of all the hard work.

  26. To be honest I bet six heart attacks five heart surgeries my son’s 14 and I would love to take him out on a hunt like this before it’s too late

  27. Have upland bird hunted on Michigan’s UP for grouse and woodcock, Wyoming’s sage brush flats for pheasants and Montana’s CRP fields, BLM land and river bottoms for sharp-tail grouse and Huns. Grew up in mountains of North Georgia hunting when there was a good grouse population in the 60’s-70’s, but a decline in population since 80 to now, you can hunt all day with a good dog and might get 1 or 2 flushes (at least where I live) here in Georgia. The thought of getting the opportunity to hunt waterfowl(which I have never done) and having no limits and no plugs just blows my mind!! Harpoles’s looks and sounds like a top of the line place. Thanks for the privilege of getting to sign up. God Bless all of you!!!

  28. I’m retired, son working , we both moved to Florida from North East and miss our Pheasant Hunts, We use to do
    at least one a year, But none in past ten years, This would be a great time to spend together.

  29. This would be a great adventure for my husband and our adopted son. My husband had a liver transplant 9/2019 and for some time wasn’t able to do alot with him because of his health issues but now he would be able to share this time with him and make some wonderful memories!

  30. I grew up hunting pheasant on my grand parents farm near Huron. Late 50s early 60s best pheasant hu ting in the world, never forget how lucky I was

  31. The bird hunting experience of a lifetime! Would be my son and I going for birds in the heartland of America. What could be better than that?

  32. Hunting with good friends, family, and your own great bird dogs is hard to beat. If you have lived that kind of life, you understand. When you get up early on a crisp Fall morning and find your dogs sleeping with your guns and gear staged for this mornings hunt, you appreciate the dogs have also waited for the season to open.
    I would love to experience your fine facility and the sporting adventures you offer for the lucky winner of your Upland Hunt Giveaway.

  33. This would be a hint of a lifetime for my father and I. He’s getting up in years and it would bring back all the memories of us hunting for rabbit on the family game back in Kentucky. His brother Paul is long gone now but I know he would be there in spirit with us. Thanks for considering my father William Rice and I for the hunt. Best of luck to all.

  34. When I was much younger I use to get up before school on cold November days put on my hunting coat grab the old model 12 walk out the front door and hunt the 6 acres hay field in front of the old house. Sometimes I would shoot 3 or 4 Pheasants before School for supper that night . I surely miss those days , that was before IL conservation dept brought coyotes in which destroyed the Quail and Pheasant populations in our area . This year is the first year that i have seen a pheasant in the last 5 years, as far as Quail there hasnt been covey in the last 45 years on our property . I would love to experience hunting both again .

  35. What a great chance to win a hunt and book a hunt behind it the perfect BOGO could use it to introduce my son to the thrill of upland hunting

  36. One of my first hunting memories vid a pheasant hunt. I’m 61, would look forward to taking my son or grandson

  37. I grew up hunting with my dad. His work started keeping him too busy for us to hunt and then we started moving a lot due to his work in construction. I have a son of my own now who is very interested in hunting. My dad just passed away April 27 2021 from battling dementia. I would love to go on a hunt like this with my son to remember all the memories with my dad and make new ones with my son.

  38. If I won,me at 79, I would bring my son-in-law who loves to bird shoot but for the last year and a half he has been working 6 days a week, sometimes seven, trying to save people in hospital with Covid.He is a Dr.

  39. I am disabled veteran not very fast, but can walk would love to be able to take my son. have always had labs, hoped for chance to hunt behind pointer; bless you for doing giveaways

  40. Would love to win !Sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Would like to bring my son Garrett . He’s not old enough to have been fortunate to quail like when I was growing up!

  41. I would love to show my son what is used to be like to bust birds over a well trained dog. He has spent his life since graduation from high school serving his country. West Point, Germany, Iraq, Germany, Ft Gordon GA, Fort Meade MD, West Point (Civilian).

  42. If I won, I would send my husband and his life-long friend from HS. While they each still actively hunt,they have not hunted together in decades. I’m certain they would turn into giddy kids again & have an absolute blast.

  43. Would love to experience this with my dad, who is the most selfless person you will very meet. He has never been able to hunt in an experience like this, but we are avid hunters and fisherman, and it would be an amazing adventure with him.

  44. Last time I went pheasant hunting I used a Ben Pearson Mercury Hunter recurve bow! I’m disabled but I’d love to go!

  45. I’m 67 never won anything but I would love to take my son on a good bird hunting trip before I get where I can’t get around and I can’t afford it it looks like y’all got a wonderful place !!

  46. This would be great to win. I’m 67now and I haven’t been hunting since I had my accident at work. I’m unable to walk very far for very long. But I would give it my all for my grandson just to be able to give him the chance to go hunting with his Grandfather at least once in my lifetime.

  47. Would love to do the pheasant hunt with my son. Would be a great father/son outing. Thank you for the opportunity..

  48. I bird hunted with my dad when I was a child.The birds in our area disappeared. So we haven’t been bird hunting together in 30 years. it would be the best thing i could ever give back to my dad .it would be a blessing to us.

  49. I’ve been hunting upland birds since I was 8 years old, I am now 56. I would love to share this experience with my 18 year old daughter.

  50. I’ve tried to enter several times I’ve clicked all the information I put in but it will never let me hit the inner button

  51. I would love to win this Pheasant/game hunt. Retirement in Florida took away from my Wisconsin Pheasant hunting. I have read great things about Upland hunting and would enjoy meeting up with my hunting partner.

  52. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to share with my son. Thank you for the chance to experience this type of hunt.

  53. Win the give away or not every September early season warm up for the girls good time ahd close to my farm 👍😊🍻

  54. I would love to win this hunting adventure so I could take my son on a hunting trip that I could never afford to do .

  55. I would love to win this hunting adventure so I could take my son on a hunting trip that I could never afford to do .

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