What Makes a Lodge a Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter?

You hear the phrase “Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter”, but really what does that mean? More importantly, what makes a Lodge a Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter?

orvis endorsed premier pheasant hunting lodge Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter- What It Takes

The first thing has to be pheasants. Sounds so simple, but it is a little more complex than it would seem at first blush. You want good pheasant numbers. Too few birds and you spend the vast majority of your time watching the dogs search for them, but is that really what you came for? Of course not. Too many pheasants and all you’re doing is shooting. While there is something to be said for that, shooting is just part of the upland hunting experience. A Premier Pheasant Hunting Lodge will provide a balance of watching the dogs work and wingshooting. At Heartland Lodge we strive for that balance. You are going to see and have the opportunity to see and shoot pheasants, but you are not going to go all day to see one pheasant, nor just stand in one area blasting away at birds.

Dog Handling for a Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter

The next facet necessary to be a Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter is the dogs. Dogs can make or break the experience. Sub-standard quality dogs will either not find pheasants for you, or when they do, not handle the bird correctly, leaving you with no opportunity to shoot the pheasant. At Heartland Lodge we want the dog work to leave you in awe. From coursing the field, to snapping on point and holding through the shot, and at the conclusion, presenting you with the retrieved pheasant. While shooting a pheasant is fun, admiring good dog work is a thing of joy and is a necessity in a premier pheasant hunting outfitter.

Premier Accommodations & Gourmet Meals for Pheasant Hunters

Inside a Premier Pheasant Hunting LodgeA hunting lodge cannot be considered a Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter without providing World Class Accommodations. The accommodations at Heartland Lodge will leave you no doubt that you are staying at a World Class Pheasant Outfitter. We are one of only 29 Lodges in all of the United States to be a certified Orvis Wing Shooting Lodge. The Lodge and rooms are breathtaking. The meals are simply fabulous. What could be better than after a good day of pheasant hunting, than coming back and relaxing in the spectacular Lodge and reminiscing about the days hunt before sitting down for your evening feast.

So, what creates a Premier Pheasant Hunting Outfitter? Great birds, great dogs and great accommodations! In other words: Harpole’s Heartland Lodge.

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Last Updated: February 13th, 2023

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