Gift Certificates – The Perfect Deer Hunter Gift

Finding land in a highly managed deer hunting area can lead to consistent success!Christmas Gift Certificates can be E-mailed! Print-out and give, skip the long lines!

Need a good idea for the hunter in your family? A gift certificate for a whitetail hunt at Heartland Lodge is a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone on your list! This unique gift will be one that they will never forget and will sure to be used.

We have many different options available. You can purchase a specific hunt type. We have a deer hunt for every budget. We have Early Season, Rut and Late Season along with Archery and Gun Hunts. All of our deer hunts are Free Range Hunts.  See more about our deer hunts here>> You can choose from a three to six day hunt package.

See a complete listing of our dates and rates here>>

Some like to give a specific dollar amount towards a hunt. By giving them a certificate they can choose the best dates for them to stay.

Our gift package with the certificate included will be a nice surprise when that special someone opens it.

Go to any of the following pages for more information on our deer hunts:

Illinois Archery Hunts                                 Illinois Gun Hunts                             Whitetail Deer Hunting Main Page

Early Season Whitetail Hunting              Hunting the Illinois Rut                   Late Season Whitetail Hunting

Call us at 217-734-2526 or e-mail at and we will make sure you get the right package for the hunter on your list.


Last Updated: December 18th, 2019

21 thoughts on “Gift Certificates – The Perfect Deer Hunter Gift

  1. Would like come to a hunt with my dad and for him to get a big nice buck and I as well for us to do something like this together my dad is 75 And I’m 53

  2. I would love to be able for my son’s to experience a hunt of a life time. I love to hunt and so do they but I’ll never be able to afford for all of us to go together but I would love for them to be able to go together. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  3. Me and my husband has always dreamed of a big hunt like this but never had the opportunity.I have only killed one deerin 9 years and I would love so much for this experience.Thank you and GOD bless.

  4. I would love to share wonderful hunt like this in this special place with my son tks for the opportunity. Larry vergamini

  5. I would love this hunt with my daughter, she has never got one but loves to go out with me. I tug would be a memory for a life time.

  6. Hi,I’m told I’m not right in the head. I live whitetails, unfortunately live in Michigan. So I go where deer get to mature, Ohio Missouri Alberta Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario. Sounds like you offer some good ground. Would like to gun hunt 1 St season. My wife n myself. We understand weather equals sightings. Any openings for 2020?????

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