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Every now and then, I’ll talk to someone and they’ll say that they’re
going to the farm for the weekend. And during the fall, when it is harvest
season, we think of all the work that the farmers do on their own farm. My mom’s
family will be gathering o

Let’s face it – most people think of going on a hayride as an autumn activity, along with a roaring bonfire. But at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, hayrides and bonfires aren’t just for fall – they’re available all year long (weather permitting, of course).

You and your family have just spent some time at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge – relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet of the beautiful country setting – along with the incredible meals and comfy beds. You may have even taken some of the day trips that I

Ms. Wanda’s Snack Shack is officially open and ready for business! I just know that you’re sitting there asking yourself…”What is Ms. Wanda’s Snack Shack?” More importantly…”Where is Ms. Wanda’s Snack Shack?” Ms. Wanda’s Snack Shack is the newest addit

Spring Break Escape for March

Church Retreat Venue Location Heartland Lodge is the perfect location for your next church conference retreat venue. Harpole’s Heartland Lodge in central Illinois offers an idyllic setting for your next church conference venue.  Located in a remote rural setting many call “God’s country”, this venue would provide the necessary peace and tranquility attendees require for

Looking for a wedding venue in central Illinois close to Quincy or Springfield? Heartland Lodge has you covered! We offer a one of a kind outdoor or indoor wedding venue that is known to be one of the nicest wedding venues throughout central Illinois. With plenty of five star lodging available, luxury private cabins and

eagle along the mississippi river in illinois

Eagle watching – just the mere mention of this pastime brings visions of this “white headed” bird with wings spread – soaring high above the open water, then swooping down to catch its prey. But did you know that, according to the Missouri Department of

…but if YOU stay at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, you can plan a great getaway for you and/or your family by adding some Abraham Lincoln history to your planned activities. Staying at the lodge places you only about 70 miles from Springfield, Illinois and t

Can you believe it? We are already making plans for the July 4th holiday weekend…but we just haven’t figured out where the year has gone! Do you have your plans made? If not, I’ve got some great ideas for you!
As I indicated in my blog from last year,

If you are an ATV enthusiast, then you are familiar with the name Can-Am. To be honest, until the first part of October, I knew the name but had no idea of the impact they have on the personal recreation industry…and had no idea that the company had invaded Heartland Lodge. Now invaded might truly