March's Pheasant and Quail Hunting Update

March 14th, 2012

What weather we are having.  This has been one of the mildest winters that I can recall.  Most folks agree that we have really been spoiled by Mother Nature this year.  Our Upland Hunting at Heartland continues to be very productive and we will continue with our Upland venue for about another 4 weeks.  By now the Milo strips and weedy cover are a bit knocked down due to high winds and lots of deer browsing through the strips.  On the back of the lodge, there is still awesome cover available that holds birds; many of our hunts are taking place in these areas as the cover is still excellent. In another few weeks we will be seeing a real green up take place and it will be time to be thinking about replanting our food plots.  We have been using Milo for our long strips and this year Terry, our upland manager, tried something new.  He planted tall (about 12 feet) silage Milo in particular areas to keep birds that have flushed, in the area.  The birds fly and duck down into this tall Milo.  This keeps them in our areas and also provides them with excellent over story protection.  With tall growth overhead, avian predators cannot see birds on the ground so easily and the stalks provide a good escape terrain for them to run through.  We flushed many birds from these areas over the past season and are very pleased with the way this has worked out. Turkey season will be upon us very soon, I read that in Missouri last year the hatch was very successful and a lot of young birds did very well, with the mild winter Missouri and Illinois turkeys should have a really tremendous carry over and this spring could lead to some fantastic turkey hunting opportunities.  Check our turkey page if you are interested in joining us for a turkey hunt, I believe that we are close to being booked up, but check anyway as there is always the possibility that someone may cancel their hunt. Roger Keller

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