March Upland Hunting Update

Pheasant hunting in March in IllinoisOur upland hunting at Heartland continues to be very productive and we will continue with our upland venue for about another 4-5 weeks. By now the milo strips and weedy cover are a bit knocked down due to high winds and lots of deer browsing through the strips. On the back of the lodge, and other sections of our farms there is still awesome cover available that holds birds; many of our hunts are taking place in these areas as the cover is still excellent. Although some see it as a disadvantage, for upland hunters, small pockets of isolated habitat can really congregate the birds and lead to big coveys and some absolute phenomenal wingshooting opportunities.

Preparing for Fall 2022..Pheasant hunting fire burning

As the spring green up begins, we start to prepare for the spring planting season. In a few weeks, we’ll start to turn our plots over, conduct controlled burns, fertilize our corn and milo plots and prepare to plant. We are adding additional farms this year for our upland hunts as well to help boost the number of wild coveys our hunters have access to. We also plan on enhancing several acres of edge habitat to help hold more quail and pheasants on our upland farms.

Our fall upland seasons start September 1st! We have quite the busy schedule for the fall of 2022 already. If you are interested in booking a hunt with us this March-April or this fall, give us a call today and talk with one our upland guides for more information at 217-734-2526.

If you have any wild fowl leftover in your freezer from this past season, check out this amazing Deep South Buffalo Fried Quail or Pheasant Recipe!

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Last Updated: March 10th, 2022

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  1. Just returned home today from an amazing 3 night 2day pheasant and quail hunt. EXCELLENT!!! Great food, great accommodations, great hunting, and great people. Can’t wait to go back. Thank you Heartland Lodge.

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