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Vincent McPhillip decided we wanted to start a tradition four years ago, hunting the opening weekend of Illinois gun season at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, with his son Matthew. Each year one or the other would harvest a buck, but this year they both had hu

My family and I have been coming to Heartland Lodge for 4 years now and are planning to return for a fifth. When we first started coming I was only 12 years old and wasn’t even old enough to hunt. However I came with my parents hoping to see some of the m

The McPhillip family started a tradition four years ago, whitetail hunting at Heartland Lodge the opening weekend of Illinois gun season as a family. Dad (Vincent) hunts with Matthew while Mom (Joanne) enjoys the lodge and surrounding towns and area. Mat

Our good friend Ron Way from Arizona harvested this buck of a life time on the last morning of his hunt. This main frame 10 with a small kicker off the left sides scores 192″!! Ron and his guide Matt “Yankee” Brunet stayed focused on this brusier knowing

This would be my 3rd trip to Heartland Lodge and I’ve anticipated coming for the whole year as I have seen in the two previous times a B & C buck each year. Never close enough for a shot but just seeing one was enough to get me to come back. The first n

Brad Doughty took this very mature buck (7yrs old) on the last morning of his whitetail archery hunt. Brad had been seeing shooters every day in the tree stand but just could not connect on one. He sat in the stand all day, ever day maximizing his opportu

Our new friend John Morris shot this nice 140″ 10pt on the first morning of his hunt. John captured the whitetail hunt on film. He is filming for his tv show Backroad Outdoors! John and his father Bill had a incredible week full of memories that will last

Our good friend Bart Leswick takes another nice buck at Heartland. Bart has hunted whitetails at Heartland the past four years in a row. He has killed two nice bucks and has missed two. Bart enjoys hunting whitetail here in Illinois during the first week

Bobby took this nice 9pt on the last day of his hunt. Congratulations Bobby!

Kirk Scribner took this monter whitetail during Illinois archery season in mid October. This mature whitetail weighed over 280lb pounds and scored 157″ as a 9 point! Congratulations Kirk on an awesome buck!!