Brad Doughty’s Incredible Whitetail Hunt!

Brad Doughty

Brad Doughty took this very mature buck (7yrs old) on the last morning of his whitetail archery hunt. Brad had been seeing shooters almost every day in the tree stand but just could not connect on one. He sat in the stand all day, every day maximizing his opportunity. On his second to last day a huge 150”-160” 10 point bedded down with a doe for 4hrs, only 95 yrds from his stand. After 4hrs the doe stood up, started walking towards his stand, then just as easily she turned around and went the other direction, taking the impressive buck with her.

Brad and his guide brainstormed that evening on a plan of attack for the next morning’s hunt. Brad’s guide was confident that the doe went out to feed in a corn field that was nearby and there was a good chance she would bring that buck back to the bedding area at first light. Brad’s guide decided to switch stands and put Brad in a stand that was between the corn field and the area he watched them bed.

The stand was on a pinch point providing a 40yrd or less shot either way she decided to walk back. On cue, a little after 6:00am, on his last morning, the mature doe was seen cresting the hill on her way back to the bedding area, followed by the huge 10pt, and another older/mature 10pt. The mature 10pt was pushing around the younger buck even though the younger buck had a little bigger rack. The old buck got within 20yrds of Brad’s stand, and he made a great shot on him. The old buck only went about 20yrds and piled up! What a hunt Brad!! Congratulations!!

145″ 11 pt – Deer was at least 7yrs old.



Last Updated: September 8th, 2022

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