Turning Your “A” Stand Into an “A+”

Ask any hunter about their favorite treestand location, whether they refer to it as their “A” stand, honey hole, assassin, slaughter knob, ect, there’s a special place in every whitetail hunters head that they daydream about year around. Waiting for that special week or even day they can slip into their “A” stand knowing that it is going to be an effective, high opportunity sit. So how can you turn you “A” stand into an “A+” stand and make it even better than it actually is? Here are a few ideas…

Walk The Plank

Access is everything, and if you’re calling a stand you’re A stand already, your access route is probably already good. But if you really want to dial in your stand site and slip into it as stealthy as possible and without spooking the least amount of deer as possible before or after you hunt the stand, here’s a good idea for someone who’s not afraid to do a little work.

Ever watch a bobcat or fox navigate through the woods while deer hunting? You’ll probably notice that they tend to walk on downed logs or tree limbs that have fallen on the ground. They have inherently learned that doing so is much quieter than walking on the bare ground. You can take this same concept and apply it to getting into your stand as quietly as possible. This works especially well if your stand is a short distance from a creek or ditch. You can lay down small trees to your stand and get in your stand as quietly as possible.

Round-Up Ready

Killing off the vegetation to your A-stand helps to reduce your scent when accessing the stand. It can be done inexpensively and typically in a short amount of time. Either use a handheld sprayer or one that attaches to your ATV and you can have your access trail as scent free as possible.

Make a Squirrel’s Nest

One of the biggest reasons I here on a consistent basis when someone can’t seal the deal on a mature buck is because they get busted while trying position themselves for a shot. Although it may not always be practical, one of the best ways to “hide” yourself in a tree is to brush it in. Twisty ties or bailing wire seem to work just fine if you have limbs sturdy enough to hold the brush. I have used small pieces of PVC pipe cut in small 3-4 ft. sections, drilled various size holes from 1/4 in-1 in throughout the pipe, used a little spray paint, and stuck cedar and oak limbs in the holes to create some instant cover. It’s basically a fish structure turned upside down but works great to help conceal your outline.

Throw Away Your Flashlight

When accessing your A-stand in the early morning an easy way to stay flashlight free is to use your phone GPS. This takes a little bit of pre-planning and works best if you can plan out your access route in early spring. Use your GPS and mark the coordinates every 10-20 yards leading up to your stand location. Then transfer the coordinates to a mapping system or any array of phone apps available and you have a flashlight free access. You can help shield your phone’s light by tucking it in your jacket or bag while checking your coordinates all the way to your stand.Mature Buck

You can’t control all the factors of the hunt but if you make all the controllable factors near perfect you will experience more success hunting mature whitetails. Every little detail is important.

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Last Updated: August 6th, 2018

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