Chandler Entrekin’s First Buck with a Bow!

Chandler Entrekin (16yrs old) took this impressive 147″ Illinois whitetail on the last day of his archery deer hunt. Chandler was a dedicated hunter and spent every day, all day in the woods. Last year Chandler took his first deer ever with a bow. In fact he took four does the week he hunted with us! This year he wanted to wait for a nice buck. Right before dark this impressive whitetail came in. He was looking for does, as the trolling stage of the Illinois rut was in high gear!  Guide Kris Strickland did not give up after they lost blood. He recovered this buck later after Chandler went home.  Great job Chandler!!

Illinois whitetail buck

Guide Kris Strickland with Chandler’s buck

Illinois Nine Point Whitetail Buck


Last Updated: November 11th, 2012

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