Hunt with Cheyenne Bardwell From The Hit Show Ax Men

Cheyenne Bardwell Ax MenJoin Cheyenne Bardwell – Ax Men this fall for a whitetail hunt! Cheyenne (Shelby Stanga’s cousin) will be hunting with us December 7-12! There is a hunt and price for everyone so call us and reserve your spot:

Archery Hunt (Dec 10-12) $1250-SEVERAL SPOTS OPEN!

Archery/Muzzleloader Combo (Dec 7-12) $3150-SOLD OUT!

Muzzleloader Only (Dec 7-9) $2450-SOLD OUT!

Archery Only (Dec 7-12) $1950-SOLD OUT! 

Make sure you reserve your spot early. They won’t last long!




 A little more about Louisiana’s Hottest New Swamp Girl:

Cheyenne appears on the hit tv show Ax Men along with her well know cousin Shelby Stanga. Cheyenne was born and raised in the swamps of Louisiana. Cheyenne will be turning 21 in August, but has lived in the swamps and the Tangipahoa River her entire life. This is the same river that Shelby Stanga and AX Man is filmed.

Cheyenne got her first boat when she was 11 (a 14 foot flat boat with a 9.9 motor). She ran the river day and night by herself looking for all types of critters. Cheyenne loves to shrimp, fish and crab in lake Pontchartrain. She also loves to hunt, crawfish, frog and catch gators in the swamp behind her house.

Currently she is a junior at Southeastern Louisiana University on a full scholarship and a member of Phi Mu sorority. Her major is Communication Science and Disorders. When finished with college Cheyenne would like to be a speech therapist.

Cheyenne is a competitive cheerleader and coaches both cheerleading and tumbling. Sometime when people meet her for the first time and don’t know her back ground they may think she is a girly girl, but as you can tell that is the furthest from the truth as she like to get her hands dirty with the guys, especially in the swamps of Louisiana.

She is also an animal lover and has 2 labs, a cat, horse, snake, two raccoons, a bunny and a wolf. She loves to cook, but only Cajun style!! 

Last Updated: June 27th, 2012

6 thoughts on “Hunt with Cheyenne Bardwell From The Hit Show Ax Men

  1. Have not had time to hunt becauase I coach softball and soccer but ready to take time for a hunt.

  2. I have meet this young girl. She is all that is written about her and more. She is sweet, polite. kind hearted,and will do anything for you. She has been working since the tenth grade. Not many young people are willing to get out and work like she has. Yes, it is true, you would never guess that she is a river girl. Cheyenne, I hope your life will continue to give you happiness. You have earned it!

  3. I’d love to come hunt, but truly can’t afford to get the time off work plus pay those fees, makes for mighty expensive meat….that being said, anytime ya’ll wanna come on up to Oregon and hunt for the grey ghost or the Roosevelt elk, or reel in some massive salmon, feel free to drop me a line!! Good huntin’!

  4. I personally know Cheyenne. She was my daughter’s cheer coach and assisted me in teaching the 6 and under classes. She is a one of a kind!!! You can’t help but her. Sweet, beautiful, kind…a few blonde moments ever now and then, but very smart and a blast to be around. Anyone who gets to be around her is in for a treat! Libby and I love you and miss you Chey!!!! Stay safe and kick ass if you need to.

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